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Urban Development

Date:2017-09-29 14:08:00

  As a megacity approved by the State Council, Suzhou has basically formed the regional city framework composed of the central city of Suzhou, 4 county-level cities and a dozen central towns.73.81 billion yuan was invested in infrastructure in 2016.At the end of 2016, the total mileage of road reached 13207.5 kilometers, among which 598.3 kilometers were expressways. Changshu-Jiaxing Expressway and Zhangjiagang Shugang Expressway were finished and opened to traffic. The construction of the Suzhou Section of Shanghai-Nantong Railway went well. The extension of Rail Transit No.2 was finished and put into operation. Rail Transit No.4 and its sub-line were in trial operation. The construction of Rail Transit No.3 and No.5 were in progress. The integrated passenger transportation hub of Suzhou West Coach Station was put into operation. 24 park-and-ride places were built in the urban area with over 10,000 parking spaces.

  At the end of 2016, the total operation line of Urban Rail Transit amounted to 86.1 kilometers, handling a total volume of passenger flow of 150.568 million person times. The total number of operation lines reached 364. There were 4803 taxis in operation in the urban area.

  100% administrative villages have been reached by routine passenger buses and 100% of the towns and villages have opened buses routes.

  The comprehensive underground pipeline corridors of Sangtian Islet of Suzhou Industrial Park was built and put into use. The trial project of Sponge City was in progress.

  The Dongwu Transformer Substation of the 1000 kilovolt Huainan-Shanghai Line was put into operation. The optical network covered every village. The construction of the key project of "Smart Suzhou" started to pick up speed.

  At the end of 2016, the domestic sewage treatment capacity reached 3.79 million tons per day. The processing rate of sewage treatment in urban areas amounted to 95.2%, while that in rural areas came to 75%.

  A total of 820 million cubic meters of natural gas from pipeline was supplied in urban areas.

  Expressways: 598.3km

  Total mileage of road: 13207.5km

  Total operation line of Urban Rail Transit: 86.1km

  Total volume of passenger flow: 150.568 million person times