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People's Livelihood & Insurance

Date:03/31/2016Edit:Editor of Suzhou China



  The employment rate of college graduates coming from Suzhou reached 98.6%. The registered unemployment rate of the urban residents stood at 1.9%. 170,000 people were newly employed. 10,000 positions of public welfare were opened. Altogether 235 entrepreneurship bases were built.

  The average disposable income of urban residents and rural dwellers amounted to 50,400 yuan and 25,700 yuan respectively.

  The coverage rate of the social security of urban employees as well as those of the pension insurance and medical insurance of urban and rural residents all stood at over 99%. The critical illness insurance system of urban and rural residents has been established basically.

  At the end of the year, there were 234 various nursing organizations for the elderly,with a total of 64,014 beds. There were 613 day-care centers, 737 meal-aiding centers and 18 bath-aiding centers.