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Date:03/31/2016Edit:Editor of Suzhou China



        In 2015, the qualified rate of national physique reached 96%. Suzhou boasts 33.52 million square meters of public sports facilities, an average of 3.16 square meters per person. The fitness footpath around the ancient city river finished its construction and opened to public. The whole city has built a fitness footpath stretching 1118 kilometers.

  The 53rd World Table Tennis Championship, Jinji Lake International Half Marathon, Suzhou Taihu International Marathon and other games were held successfully in Suzhou.

  Sports industry has enjoyed fast development. Suzhou was chosen to be the contact city of the national sports industry. In 2015, the revenue of sports lottery amounted to 3.888 billion yuan.

  Zhangjiagang was selected as the trial county (district) of national teenager campus football.