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Date:03/31/2016Edit:Editor of Suzhou China



       The total industrial output of Suzhou reached 3.57 trillion yuan in 2015, among which the output of above-scale industrial enterprises came to 3.05 trillion yuan. Among these above-scale industrial enterprises, the output of the top 100 industrial enterprises came to 1.27 trillion yuan. Over 400 branches have been established by the 148 Fortune 500 corporations in Suzhou.

  The six pillar industries including electronics, electric, iron and steel, standard equipment, chemical industry and textile realized an output of 2.05 trillion yuan.

  The output of manufacturing and emerging industry reached 1.49 trillion yuan, accounting for 48.7% of the output of the above-scale industry. The industries such as new materials, new energy, biomedicine, new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy saving, environmental protection, etc. have become the new forerunner.