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  Suzhou successfully set up the demonstration zone of the national public cultural service system.

  Suzhou boasts 11 cultural museums, 42 museums and 11 public libraries.

  100% of the towns and villages (communities) have access to public cultural facilities.

  32 programs are listed as the state-level Intangible Cultural Heritage projects and 124 as the provincial ones. 39 people are recognized as the state-level Intangible Cultural Heritage representative successors and 95 as the provincial ones.

  In 2016, the 1st International Young Artists Festival, the 10th China Folk Arts and Crafts Festival and the 9th China Embroidery Cultural and Arts Festival were held successfully.

  Suzhou Symphony Orchestra was launched.

  Suzhou Silk Archives were selected to the Asia/Pacific Regional Registerof MOW.

  There are 816 culture relic protection sites above the municipal level, among which 59 are national key culture relic protection sites, 112 are provincial ones, 13 are national historical and cultural towns and 5 are national historical and cultural villages.

  There are 8 national, 16 provincial and 51 municipal cultural industry demonstration districts (bases) in Suzhou. Throughout the year, the main operation revenue of cultural creative industries exceeds 480 billion yuan, registering an increase of 16% over the previous year.