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Introduction to Education in Suzhou

Date:03/31/2016Edit:Editor of Suzhou China



Enrollment ratio, graduates-versus-new-students ratio and promotion rate of graduates of 9-year compulsory education stand at 100% throughout the years.

There are 744 schools of different varieties and at different levels (including schools for children of migrant workers), among which 21 are colleges and universities and 4 are independent colleges.

The gross enrollment rate of universities and colleges reached 68.1%.

There are 731 kindergartens (including private ones) in Suzhou.

Education internationalization has enjoyed sound development. 398 primary schools and middle schools have inter-school exchange with their overseas counterparts. There are 6 schools for children of foreigners, 7 China-foreign cooperative education organizations mainly for higher education, and 40 China-foreign cooperative education projects. Also, many famous overseas universities and colleges have their campuses in Suzhou. In 2015, Changshu Campus of United World Colleges started student enrollment.

Soochow University has established exchange relationship with over 170 universities, colleges and research institutions in 24 countries including the US, Canada, Australia, etc. and in regions such as Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, etc.. It accepts over 2000 person times of overseas students every year. Being the first overseas university of China, Soochow University in Laos has been run successfully for seven years.