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Wu Xiaodong, Vice Mayor

Being in charge of urban and rural planning, housing and urban-rural construction, communication and transportation, port management, gardens and greening, earthquake prevention, civil defense, housing accumulation fund, high-speed railway and Taihu New Town construction, and post and communications; being responsible for the Municipal Housing Construction Bureau (Seismological Bureau), Planning Bureau, Transportation Bureau (Port Authority), Gardens and Greening Bureau, Civil Defense Bureau, Housing Accumulation Fund Management Center, Wall Reform Office, Suzhou City Investment Company, SuZhou Landscape and Garden Group, Rail Transit Group, Trading and Investment Company, Affordable Housing Company; a governing contact for Suzhou Branch of Telecom, Suzhou Branch of China Mobile, Suzhou Branch of China Unicom, Suzhou Branch of China Tower Company,  Postal Service Administration, Suzhou Post Office.

Curriculum vitae

  Wu Xiaodong, male, Han ethnicity, born in Changzhou, Jiangsu in September 1965, began working in April 1990, and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in October 1985. He holds a master's degree.

  1983.09--1987.09 Undergraduate study in architecture of mining engineering at China Institute of Mining & Technology,

  1987.09--1989.12 Graduate study on mine construction in architecture of Mining Engineering Department, China Mining University

  1989.12--1990.04 Waiting for job assignment

  1989.12--1990.04 Staff member of Engineering Construction Office of Gas Company of Changzhou

  1991.10--1992.11 Staff member of municipal Engineering Section of Changzhou Construction Committee

  1992.11--1995.07  Vice Director of Changzhou Draining Off Administrative Office , Deputy Manager of  Water Discharge Company

  1995.07--1996.12 Vice Director of Construction Management Office of Changzhou Construction Commission

  1996.12--1999.01 Manager of Changzhou municipal Engineering Corporation

  1999.01--1999.07 President of Changzhou General Company of Municipality Engineering

  1999.07--2000.01 Vice Director of Changzhou Civil Air Defense Office

  2000.01--2001.02 Vice Director of Changzhou Construction Commission

  2001.02--2003.12 Member of Standing Committee of Municipal Committee of Jintan ,Vice mayor

  2003.12--2007.11 Vice Secretary of Standing Committee of Jintan Municipal Committee, Acting Mayor, Mayor

  2003.12--2007.11 Graduate study in Business Administration in Fudan university, obtained the Master’s degree.

  2007.11--2008.02 Vice Secretary of  Changzhou  Municipal Committee ( division level)

  2008.02--2010.02  Director of Changzhou Construction Bureau, Vice Secretary of  Changzhou Municipal Committee

  2010.02--2011.05  Director of Rural and Urban Construction Bureau, Vice Secretary of  Changzhou Municipal Committee

  2011.05--2012.09 ,Member of the Changzhou Leading Party Committee, Vice-committee Leader of  the Steering Group of Rural and Urban Infrastructure Construction ( division level)

  2012.09--2015.06 Vice Secretary of Party Working Committee of Changzhou High and New Tech Development Zone, Director of the Administration Commission, Vice Secretary of Xin Bei District committee , Acting Chief Executive of Xinbei District government , Chief Executive

  2015.06--2015.09 Vice Secretary of Party Working Committee of Changzhou High and New Tech Development Zone, Director of the Administration Commission, Vice Secretary of Xinbei District Committee ,Chief Executive of the

  District Government

  2015.09--2016.06 Vice Secretary of Party Working Committee of Changzhou High and New Tech Development Zone, Vice Secretary of Xin Bei District Committee

  2016.06--2017.01 Member of Changzhou municipal Government Leading Party Group(city level)

  2017.01--now  Vice Mayor of Suzhou

  Wu Xiaodong was a delegate of  the 10th and 12th party congresses of the CPC Changzhou Committee, and a member of 11th and 12th Municipal Committee, a delegate of th 12th National People’s Congress of Jiangsu Province and the 13th and 15th National People’s Congresses of Changzhou, and the 16th National People’s Congress of Suzhou