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Lu Chunyun, Vice Mayor

In charge of industrial economy, information technology, science and technology, individual and private economy, small and medium-sized enterprises, environmental protection, the prevention and control of water pollution in the Taihu Lake and intellectual property protection. In charge of Suzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission, Science and Technology Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau (Taihu Office), Intellectual Property Office and Suzhou Chuangyuan Investment Development Group. In contact with Suzhou Association for Science and Technology, Suzhou Electric Power Supply Company and Suzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Curriculum vitae

  Lu Chunyun, male, Han ethnic group, born in Suzhou, Jiangsu province in January 1963, started to work in July 1982 and joined the Communist Party of China in August 1985. He holds a master's degree from the Party School of the CPC Central Committee.

  1980.09-1982.07 Lianyungang Finance and Economics School Major in Financial Management

  1982.07-1987.04 Agricultural and Financial Section, Secretariat Section, Budget section of Taicang Finance Bureau Clerk, Deputy Section Chief

  1987.04-1988.12 Investigation and Research group of Taicang County Committee Office Section-Level Secretary, Group Leader

  1988.12-1993.04 Research Office of Taicang County Committee Deputy Director

  1993.04-1995.12 Taicang Municipal Committee Office Deputy Director, Research Office of Taicang Municipal Committee Director

  1993.08-1995.12 Correspondence College of the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC Undergraduate Study in Economic Management

  1995.12-1996.07 Taicang Municipal Government Office Director

  1996.07--1998.01 Management Committee of Taicang Port Development Zone Deputy Director, Taicang Port Construction and Development Co., Ltd. General Manager

  1998.01-2002.11 Taicang Municipal People's Government Vice Mayor

  2002.11-2003.12 Jinchang District of Suzhou Deputy District Governor

  2003.12-2006.10 Standing Committee of CPC Jinchang District Committee, Suzhou Member, Deputy District Governor

  2001.09-2004.07 Party School of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of CPC Postgraduate Study in Political Economics

  2006.10-2008.07 Standing Committee of CPC Jinchang District Committee, Suzhou Member, Deputy District Governor, Party Working Committee of Jinchang New District Secretary

  2008.07-2011.06 CPC Canglang District Committee, Suzhou Deputy Secretary, Acting District Governor, District Deputy

  2011.06-2012.09  CPC Canglang District Committee, Suzhou Secretary

  2012.09--2018.08 Standing Committee of CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee Member, Party Working Committee of Taizhou Medical High-tech Development Zone Secretary

  2018.08-  Suzhou Municipal People's Government Vice Mayor

  Comrade Lu Chunyun was a delegate of the 12th and 13th CPC Party Congresses of Jiangsu Province, a delegate of the 11th CPC Party Congress of Suzhou, a member of the 11th Suzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and a delegate of the 5th CPC Party Congress of Taizhou. He was also a delegate of the 12th National People’s Congress, a delegate of the 4th and 5th Taizhou Municipal People’s Congresses and a delegate of the 14th and 15th Suzhou Municipal People’s Congresses.