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Li Yaping, Mayor

Presiding over the work of the municipal government, and being in charge of financing, auditing, and institutional arrangements; being a governing contact for Municipal Court and Municipal Procuratorate.

Curriculum vitae

  Li Yaping, male, born in Danyang, Jiangsu, in January 1963, Han ethnicity, started his career in July 1985, and joined the Communist Party of China in October 1984. He holds a doctoral degree. He is Vice Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Committee and the Acting Mayor.

  1980.09--1985.07: majoring in Power Equipment of Hydro-power Station in Department of Water Conservancy and Power Engineering at Hehai University

  1985.07--1986.10: Management Cadre of Jurong County Changjiang Hydro-power Station

  1986.10--1988.02: Deputy Chief of Engineering Management Unit of Jurong County Water Conservancy and Agricultural Machinery Bureau

  1988.02--1991.05: Clerk of Officials’ Training Section of Zhenjiang Municipal Party Committee

  1991.05--1993.05: Organizer (Deputy-Section-Head level) and Deputy Section Chief of Officials’ Training Section of Zhenjiang Municipal Party Committee

  1992.08--1993.05: Temporary Director Assistant and Deputy Director of Zhenjiang Textile Factory

  1993.05--1998.04: Deputy Secretary of Zhenjiang Communist Youth League

  During 1996.09--1998.07: took postgraduate courses about Technology Economy and Administration Management Major in Southeast University

  1998.04--2001.05: Deputy Director of Zhenjiang Water Conservancy  and Party Leadership Group

  During 2000.09--2007.12: took postgraduate courses about Hydrology and Water Resource in School of Hydrology and Water Resource of Hehai University and received a doctorate

  2001.05--2002.12: Director and Party Leadership Group of Zhenjiang Science and Technology Bureau

  2002.12--2004.12: Deputy Secretary, Acting Mayor and Mayor of Jurong Municipal Party Committee

  2004.12--2006.10: Secretary of Jurong Municipal Party Committee

  2006.10--2006.12: Vice Mayor of Zhenjiang, Secretary of Jurong Municipal Party Committee

  2006.12--2007.12: Vice Mayor of Zhenjiang

  2007.09--2008.01: attended the half-year Cadre Training Courses in Central Party School

  2007.12--2010.09: Deputy Director of Provincial Water Conservancy Bureau and Party Leadership Group

  2008.07--2010.10: Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Secretary of the Reconstruction Command of Mianzhu after the Earthquake in Sichuan Provence

  2010.09--2011.04: Deputy Director of Provincial Water Conservancy Bureau and Party Leadership Group(Division-Head level)

  2011.04--2013.03: Deputy Director of Provincial Water Conservancy Bureau, Party Leadership Group and Secretary of the Division Party Leadership Group of Water Conservancy Construction Bureau(Division-Head level)

  2013.03--2017.03: Director of Provincial Water Conservancy Bureau, Secretary of Party Leadership Group

  2017.03--2018.01 Deputy Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Acting Mayor

  2018.01--  Deputy Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee,  Mayor

  Comrade Li Yaping was one of the representatives of the Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Jiangsu Provincial Party Congresses and a member of the Thirteenth Provincial Committee; one of the representatives of the Fourth and Fifth Zhenjiang Party Congress and a member of the Fifth Municipal Committee. He is also one of the representatives of the Tenth and Twelfth Jiangsu People’s Congress as well as the Fifth Zhenjiang People’s Congress and the Sixteenth Suzhou People’s Congress.