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Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty

Date:2016-03-31 10:16:00





  Submitting department: Bureau of Gardens and Greening Management of Suzhou

  1, Name of Scenic Spot: Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty

  2, Introduction:

  The Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty is located at Jing De Road, covering an area of 0.2 hectare. It was listed as cultural relics of national importance in 1988. Serving as a fine specimen of the classical gardens of Suzhou, the Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty was inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1997.

  In Song Dynasty, it was part of “the Golden Valley” garden. Moreover, it was respectively  owned by the Royal Academician Shen Shixing and Minister Bi Yuan in Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty. During the reign of Jiaqing, the great master Ge Yuliang designed and piled up a magnificent range of rockeries here by using his “hooking technique”. Within such a confined area, the rockery boasts numerous perilous paths, caves, ravines, rocky cliffs, flying bridges and precipices. There is a winding stream at the foot of rockery, towering ancient trees on the top of it, latticed windows within the surrounding walls, the Four-sided Viewing Hall lying to the south and the Made-up Autumn Galley lying to the north. This rockery gives tourists an opportunity to experience the real delight of climbing a real mountain and elegance in wandering around a classical garden.

  Chen Congzhou commented that: “Garden builders who haven not see this rockery are just like those who are learning how to write poems haven’t read poems written by Li Bai and Du FU. “

  3, Add: No. 272, Jing De Road, Suzhou City

  4, Form of contact

  Postcode: 215003

  Tell : 0512-65816805

  5, Ticket price for foreigners

  15 Yuan per visitor

  6, Opening time:


  7, Transportation

  Bus: Travelling bus No.1, Bus 33, Bus 301, Bus 204, Bus 88, Bus 262, Bus 313, Bus 933

  8, Notice:

  In order to create a harmonious, beautiful, safe and orderly environment for all the tourists, the following notices are based on Scenic Spot Regulations of Suzhou and Administrative Regulations on the Protection of Suzhou Gardens.

  First: Tourists should consciously obey the relevant laws and regulations of the state, province as well as municipality, preserve public order, and observe social ethics to be civilized tourists.

  Second: Tourists should buy tickets voluntarily and then check it at the entrance to enter the scenic spot under the guidance of signs. Moreover, tourist who enjoy free entry by policy, should show the valid certificate.

  Third: Tourists should take good care of flowers, trees and all the public facilities in the scenic spot. No picking flowers and fruits. No climbing and crossing buildings, rockeries and rails. No walking on grass. No scribbling and carving on trees, bamboos and architectures.

  Fourth: No smoking. No firing except particular sites and scheduled activities. No private barbecues.

  Fifth: Social Security Regulations will be strictly implemented. Lethal weapon and inflammable and explosive goods are prohibited to be taken into the scenic area. No causing disturbances and picking fights. Foreign vehicles, except disabled cars and baby carriages are prohibited from entering the scenic area.

  Sixth: Setting up a vendor stand or photo stand to conduct business activities or selling products without permission are all prohibited. Charging tourists for explanation without permission is also prohibited.

  Seventh: Dress neatly. No pets. No swimming and fishing except scheduled events. Opening and closing time should be observed.

  Eighth: Garden Card for One Year can only be used by the designated holder during daytime and any transferrable behavior is prohibited. Otherwise, the card will be temporarily suspended and such qualification will be cancelled.

  Ninth: Advertising and recordings of film and television without permission are prohibited.