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Soochow University : A place where dreams start

Date:2016-04-30 13:52:00


  Soochow University was founded in 1900. It is one of the oldest modern institutions of high learning in China. Through the persistent endeavor and exploration of several generations during the past century, Soochow University has now grown into a high level university in China with complete coverage of disciplines, remarkably large enrollment, solid foundation, outstanding educational achievements and fairly high reputation both at home and abroad. It is now a top comprehensive university of Jiangsu Province as well as a member university of the national “211 Project” and “2011 Plan” in China.

  Soochow University has always been concentrating on providing high quality education. We devote every effort to help our students enrich their knowledge, train their professional skill, maximize their talents and realize their ideals and dreams. At the same time, Soochow University is also deeply committed to academic and scientific research. Our creative, interdisciplinary and international approach to research has led to many fundamental discoveries and technological breakthroughs.

  Located in the historical and cultural city of Suzhou and close to the metropolitan city of Shanghai, Soochow University is also known for its vigorous international collaboration and exchanges. With academic links and cooperation with more than 170 universities around the world, the university is dedicated to attract the best-and the brightest, nurturing them to become a full grown man.

  Welcome to Soochow University, a place where dreams start. For more information about the university, please visit:

  Soochow University at a Glance

  ● Founded in the year of 1900

  The first university in China that established Law School

  The first university in China that published university journal

  The first university in China that provided postgraduate education and offered master degree

  ● A key comprehensive provincial university in Jiangsu Province

  One of China’s top 100 universities under the “Project 211” directed by the Ministry of Education

  One of the first batch of universities of the National “2011 Plan”

  ● Rankings among Chinese universities in 2016(Times Higher Education): 15

  ● Colleges and schools: 28

  ● Faculty and Staff: 5263

  Full-time professor and associate professor: 2453

  ● Students:

  Undergraduate student: 25993

  Postgraduate student: 14867

  International student: 2192

  ● University Area: 3 campuses, 668.5 acres

  Tian Ci Zhuang Campus (Main Campus)

  Dushu Lake Campus

  Yangcheng lake Campus

  ● Library collection: over 4 million volumes and Over 82 subscription databases.

  ● University Motto: “Onto a full grown man”

  ● University vision: “First-class in China and well known around the world”