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Brief Introduction of China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park

Date:2016-11-15 16:08:00

  China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, attached great importance to by Party central committee and State Council, is a major cooperative project between Chinese and Singapore governments. With the joint efforts of both sides, the economy of China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park maintains great momentum of economic growth. In 2005, regional GDP reached 206 billion yuan, an increase of 8%; public finance budget revenues reached 25.72 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7%; total volume of export and import reached 79.6 billion USD, utilization of foreign investment reached 1.6 billion USD and fixed investment reached 61.2 billion USD; R&D investment as a proportion of GDP reached 3.35%; total retail sales of consumer goods reached 34.3 billion yuan, an increase of 10.5%; urban per capita disposable income exceeded 66,000 yuan, an increase of 7.5%. CDI ranked second among national development zones and first in national Hi-tech districts in Jiangsu province.



  Panorama of Huxi Cenral Park and CBD, photo by Chen Yuhe

  We work to intensify reform and opening-up. State Council approved China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park to initiate  comprehensive pilot of openness and innovation, supported by 14 special policies introduced by provincial Party committee and provincial government. The areas of China-Singapore cooperation continue to expand. Steady progress has been achieved in pilots of trade diversification in integrated free trade zone and transnational electronic commerce. We actively open wider to the outside, steady progress is made in many projects including Suzhou Industrial Park--Xiangcheng District Cooperative Economic Development Zone, Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park, Su-tong Science&Technology Park, Huoerguosi Economic Development Zone, Suzhou&Chuzhou Modern Industrial Park, increasing radiation ability of SIP.

  We move faster to upgrade the structure of industry. Competitive industrial clusters have formed in information technology and machinery manufacture. The output value of high-tech industry and emerging industries as a proportion of that of industrial enterprises above designated size is 67% and 59% respectively. Value-added service industry accounts for 42.5% of GDP. The annual growth rate of output of bio-pharmaceutical, application of Nano technology and cloud computing maintains about 30%.

  Further progress has been made in innovation-driven development. With over 80 effective invention patents per 10,000 people, we boast 400 R&D institutions, 795 national high-tech enterprises, 14 enterprises listed in main board, 42 enterprises listed in NEEQ, diversified scientific and technological carriers covering an area of over 3.8 million square meters, 30 public technological service platforms, over 20 national innovation work bases. The number of people included in “the Thousand Talents Plan”, “High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents of Jiangsu Province” and “Suzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Talents” is 118, 137, 209, respectively. People with college degree and above, the number of which ranking first in national development zones, accounts for 40% of the workforce.

  We have quickened our pace to build a more prosperous and livable new district. With over 300 professional plans formulated and improved, we step up the building of financial and commerce center, science and education innovation zone, international commerce zone and tourism and holiday resorts, becoming the first National Business Tourism Demonstration Zone. Yangchenghu islet is rated among the first National Tourism and Holiday Resorts, with forest coverage of 45%. Energy consumption per 10,000 yuan in GDP is 0.262 ton of standard coal. Regional environment quality comprehensive index reaches 97.4 and ecological and environmental protection index ranks first among development zones nationwide in consecutive years. Suzhou is also among the first cities to be officially selected as smart city pilots.

  We work to make sure that continuous progress is made in raising living standards. Efforts have been made to build public service system and promote education, medical care, pension, social insurance and culture development in a coordinated way. Major livelihood projects are initiated. As we boost efforts to improve China-Singapore social governance cooperation pilots, we has made progress in innovative social governance, becoming national community governance and service innovation pilot and national comprehensive pilot area of harmony labor relations. As a result,  system of innovation policies support of community social governance is becoming more sound.



  Going forward, SIP will prioritize comprehensive pilot of openness and innovation, further give full play to China-Singapore cooperation so as to deepen reform and opening up and improve quality and efficiency with the aim to improve livelihood. We will enforce strict Party discipline. Our aim is to build SIP into an international advanced and modern high-tech new district.