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The Introduction of Suzhou National Hi-tech District

Date:2017-11-20 09:39:00

  Suzhou New District (also known as Suzhou National New and Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, SND) is a newly-established district located in the western part of Suzhou for protecting the ancient city. SND was approved as a national new and high-tech industrial development zone in November 1992. In September 2002, there was a new round of adjustment of administrative division in Suzhou, establishing Suzhou New District and Huqiu District which encompass 332 square kilometers and a total population of 770,000 including a household registered population of 370,000. Under its jurisdiction are 3 towns, 4 residential streets and Hushuguan National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Suzhou Science and Technology Town, Suzhou Western Ecological Tourism and Vacation Zone and SND Integrated Free Trade Zone.

  In 2016, SND realized gross regional product of 106.64 billion RMB (about 1.16 billion USD) and public financial budget revenue of 12.98 billion RMB (about 1.97 billion USD), registering an increase of 7.9% and 18% respectively. SND boosts: distinct improvement in innovation capacity, ranking first in innovation indicators represented by building ratio of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size and the number of patent application, etc.; distinct optimization of environment, with constant improvement of the image of Baima Jian Park, Da Yangshan National Forest Park and three ecological clusters along Taihu Lake and strengthened influence of its district brand “A Land of Mountain and Lakes, A Paradise for Technology and Liberal Arts”; distinct improvement of livelihood & social welfare, with the principle of separating politics and economy widespread all over the country and the increasing ratio of the average disposable income of residents ranking the forefront in the city; distinct promotion of Party Building, with constantly increasing radiation effects of Suspension Mechanism for Party members involved in criminal penalty, Zhou Xinmin Party Building Office and “Three Projects” Party Building in non-public enterprises. However, there exists disparity in terms of driving development with innovation, understanding the goal of development as well as increasing development speed compared with other New and High-tech Districts in the country.

  In the next stage, SND will focus on innovation and common prosperity according to the policies and arrangements of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Municipal Committee of CPC, concentrating high-end elements and high-end industries, signalizing itself by cultivating innovative business models, setting an example by creating innovative environment. SND offers its answer about innovation through the above practice. Full efforts will be put into building National Innovation Demonstration Zone & Core Zone in Southern Jiangsu Province as well as Innovation-driven Development Demonstration Zone.

  I. Focus on innovation-driven transformation to build a highland for innovation with Silicon Valley style.

  First, assemble superior elements. We will speed up the construction and improvement of current innovation carriers, such as Suzhou Geographic Information Industry Base, CAS, Agglomeration Area of National Intellectual Property Services, Alibaba Cloud Innovation center and Power Core. More efforts will be put into several new projects, such as Research Institute for Environmental Innovation (Suzhou), Tsinghua; Suzhou Institute of Medical Apparatus and Instruments, Southeast University; China Mobile software technology innovation cluster; Suzhou Industrialization Platform for Institute of Acoustics, CAS; ZTEWelink and YouE Data. More innovation-driven service platforms will be built, including Suzhou Institute of Innovation, Beihang University, Suzhou Intellectual Property Court, One-Thousand-Talents Institute of Medical Apparatus and Instruments and Beidou Industry Alliance. We will provide an optimal platform for innovation to gather professionals and teams of innovation. Second, develop high-end business. We will upgrade the current industry and make a big push to develop three distinctive industries—new generation of information technology, new energy and medical devices and medicine. Also strong support is to be provided for many new potentially competitive industries. We aim to grasp the orientation of new industrial development and innovation and thus staying ahead of the curve. Third, encourage innovation-based business. Internet is to deeply integrate with every trade. Internet companies of bright prospect and strong growth potential, including Alibaba Cloud, Hillstone Networks and Land High Tech, will enjoy a series of preferential policies. We must develop Internet of things (IoT), e-commerce and platform economics and promote sharing-, digital- and creative economy. Fourth, create a sound innovation ecosystem. Openness and inclusiveness will be highlighted and institutional restrictions on innovation must be broken to vitalize the market and economy. We will refine our performance evaluation index system as a way to build a stronghold of innovation and shape a more favorable administration environment for innovation. By all this, we can make innovation the most prominent and outstanding feature of SND.

  II. Focus on enriching people and strengthening areas of weakness to improve living standards

  First, place greater focus on increasing personal income. We will take solid steps to undertake livelihood projects of 25 items in 8 categories with the total investments of 14.4 billion RMB (about 2.18 billion USD). This year, 5.6 billion RMB (about 0.85 billion USD) is to be invested in these projects aiming to increse per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents by 8%. Centered on people’s needs, we will increase public services in the fields of education, medical care, sports and health, make innovations in supplying modes, and boost joint contribution and shared benefits. Second, place greater focus on enriching people’s life. We will push forward the progress of Civilized City construction, imbue core socialist values into daily work and life, and promote the well-rounded development of people and civilization of the whole society. We will turn cultural patterns from numbers, records and memories into the force and vitality of innovation-driven development by drawing on rich and unique history and culture in this region. Third, place greater focus on improving living conditions. Based on the Special Action of Two Minus Six Treatment Three Promotion, we will make every effort to solve prominent problems of serious environmental pollution about which people have great concern; we will take four major actions to beautify mountains, waters, villages and countryside, integrate mountains and waters into villages, and blend the natural splendor into the city.

  III. Exercise full and rigorous governance over the Party and improve the conduct to uplift officials’ spirit and morale

  First, further free our minds. We will enforce the consciousness of responsibility and mission, transform the development strategy and break through tough development problems. Aiming at advanced national high-tech development zones, we will learn from them to catch up with them. We will have the courage to take actions, be willing to assume responsibilities and spare no effort to be advanced. Second, further optimize leadership teams. We will improve the incentive mechanisms and protection systems for officials, adopt the standards to assess the caliber of officials and spare no efforts to be determined, creative, responsible, practical and well-behaved Party cadres. Third, further improve Party conduct and enforce Party discipline. We will continue to correct misconduct and fight against corruption in a comprehensive manner. We will carry out in earnest activities to enable Party members to gain a good understanding of the Party Constitution, Party regulations, and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major policy addresses and to meet Party standards. We will continue to ensure compliance with the Party Central Committee’s eight-point decision, the Provincial Party Committee’s ten-point decisions, and the Municipal Party Committee’s twelve-point decisions on improving Party and government conduct. Innovations will be made in the Party conduct system with the changing times. We will foster a healthy political atmosphere of advocating ethical conduct within the whole society.