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Tongli Lakeview Hotel

Date:2016-03-31 16:34:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou



  Situated at the at the intersection of Suzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou, the hotel has an advantageous location, embracing Tongli Lake and historical Tongli Town, covering a 10, 000-square-meter garden, with 60% green coverage. As an active participant in energy conservation and emission reduction campaign advocated by the government, the hotel was upgraded to “Golden Leaf Green Travel Hotel”.

  The hotel is shaped as a jade jue (half-circle shaped jade artefacts), its structure is derived from Hakka earth building complex and its appearance looks like two interlocked circles. The whole design implies the auspicious connotation of completeness and harmony. You can tell the fusion of characteristics of classical gardens in Suzhou and western style mansions in Shanghai.

  The hotel is not intended to imitate a classical garden, but to create a garden suited to modernized taste and life style. A careful observation will show you the spirit of gardening mentioned in Yuan Ye (a classic book about garden art) is followed by designers. Blessed by favorable natural conditions, the hotel has made an innovation in layout, with the combination of Chinese and Western elements. It’s a pleasure to see a sparkle of communication between Eastern and Western philosophies and aesthetics.

  The museum-like hotel with its valuable collections enables guests to enjoy a historical and cultural feast and convenience provided by modernized facilities.

  There 500 rooms and suites facing Tongli Lake or natural park. Four restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese and Western food will impress guests by quality ingredients, excellent cooking and attentive services.

  The ballrooms, halls and conference rooms with audio visual equipment as well as professional service team can meet all the needs of guests.

  Lizi Clue provides a fitness center, a swimming pool, SPA, foot massage, an  international standard golf range, a tennis court, KTV.

  Address: 8 Jiulihu Road, Tongli town, Wujiang District, Suzhou

  Tel: 0512-63337888、63322800