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Suzhou Cultural Expo Center


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  Suzhou Culture and Expo Centre Co., Ltd.(SCEC)was established in 2012. It consists of Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre and Suzhou International Expo Centre. SCEC has full autonomy in management and development of 7.4 square kilometres of Jinji Lake.



  SCEC is located in the central area of SIP’s CBD and has become the successful story of the Marvellous City of SIP made by SIP. SCEC has a registered capital of RMB 3.5 billion in total, covering an area of 600,000 square metres. The scope of the company’s business covers four sections of Performance, Conference and Exhibition, Commerce and Tourism, and Public Culture; and has diversified formats including performance, film, training, conference, exhibition, commerce, tourism, hotel, catering, culture centre, art museum, ballet theatre and etc.; and wholly owes the subsidiaries which are Suzhou Arts Performance Co., Ltd., Suzhou Glory Exhibition Co., Ltd., Suzhou Busiman Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd., SCEC Business Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Culture and Expo Hotel Management Co., Ltd., and so on. The only professional symphony orchestra in Suzhou which is jointly forged by Suzhou and Suzhou Industrial Park has its residency in Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre. As Jiangsu’s biggest complex of culture, art, conference and exhibition, commerce and tourism, and entertainment, SCEC has become a pioneer in the leading position in China’s service industry and cultural industry.

  So far, SCEC is Jiangsu’s Cultural Industry Demonstration Base. It is the only domestic exhibition venue that has full memberships of four global exhibition industrial associations, which are Union of International Fairs (UFI), International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), The Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO) and the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). The grand theatre is the member of Association of Asia and Pacific Performing Arts Centre (AAPPAC). The box office income of Suzhou Arts Cineplex keeps ranking top of all box office incomes in Suzhou. The Cineplex, is the permanent award base for Golden Rooster Awards, and also the only one state-authorized five-star cinema and five-star civilised cinema in Suzhou.




  Suzhou Arts Performance Co., Ltd. is one of SCEC’s wholly-owned subsidiaries. It has full autonomy in management of the grand theatre, ballet theatre and performance hall. Suzhou Arts Performance Co., Ltd. is also the member of Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres and the director unit of China Association of Performing Arts. Since its foundation in October 2007, the company has equipped with professional performers, high-tech facilities and advanced facilities and resources. It mainly undertakes performance events planning, stage designing, programming, performance management as well as space lease and ticketing. So far, the shows that perform in the grand theatre and the performance hall of Suzhou Arts Performance Co., Ltd. have been over 3000 times.

  Suzhou Glory Exhibitions Co., Ltd. is the largest professional exhibition company in Suzhou. Its main business includes planning, developing, organising and operating a variety of professional exhibitions, conferences and forums. It can provide exhibitors with all-dimensional and efficient services before, during and after exhibitions.

  Suzhou Busiman Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional company with Grade I qualification of CAEC Exhibition Engineering Enterprise, and GradeⅡqualification of CAA. The company provides booths design and venue construction services. As a professional exhibition engineering company based in Suzhou, Busiman caters to its clients by providing scientific planning, meticulous constructions and strict inspections, trying its best to create value for clients.

  SCEC Business Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is an important operating unit within Jinji Lake Scenic Area offering tourism resources. It has full autonomy in management of 7.4 square kilometres of Jinji Lake. The company currently has more than 20 yachts, including luxury yachts and motor yachts. It is committed to the operation and development of tourism service, which covers business and leisure activities, such as business inspection, conferences, catering, entertainment, water sports, etc. With support from SCEC, this company aims at an integration of resources in different types so as to create a professional business tourism project in culture, arts and entertainment.

  Suzhou Culture and Expo Hotel Management Co., Ltd. is committed to enhancing and improving multifunctional infrastructure and service quality of Suzhou Culture and Expo Centre (SCEC). Novotel Suzhou SIP, governed by SCEC has its grand opening in March of 2016. The hotel is situated at the core area of Jinji Lake Scenic Area, which is China’s Business Tourism Demonstration Base. Novotel is one of Accor Hotel brands from France and has been introduced to supervise the operation and management of Novotel Suzhou SIP. Being concise and vague, Novotel Suzhou SIP has 307 rooms and aims at offering visitors a tranquil place to alleviate their intense nerves and calm their annoyance.