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Suzhou Municipal Center of Public Culture

Suzhou Public Culture Center

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  Suzhou Public Culture Center is a non-profit institutional organization affiliated with Suzhou Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication. There are several art museums in this center, namely, Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou Cultural Center, Suzhou Celebrity Museum, Wu Zuoren Art Museum (Suzhou Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Art Academy), Yan Wenliang Memorial Hall (Suzhou Oil Painting Academy), Suzhou Woodcut Printing Academy (Suzhou Taohuawu New Year Picture Museum), Hang Mingshi Pastel Art Museum (Suzhou Pastel Art Academy) and Suzhou Academy of Public Arts.

  1.Suzhou Art Museum

  Founded in 1927 by Mr. Yan Wenliang, Suzhou Art Museum is known as “the No.1 Museum in the History of Chinese Art.” In 2010, the new building of Suzhou Art Museum was completed. It is located at the northbound section of Renmin Road, the main road of the ancient city of Suzhou. There is a large exhibition hall with an area of 800 square meters on the first floor and six small and medium-sized exhibition halls with an area of 200 to 500 square meters in the museum. The exhibition line is as long as 463 meters, and the outdoor exhibition area is up to 800 square meters. It also has multi-functional academic lecture halls and constant temperature and humidity warehouses with.

  “One must both have great ambition and make tireless efforts to achieve great exploits.” Adhering to the purposes of studying and inheriting Mr. Yan Wenliang’s cultural legacies, Suzhou Art Museum has initiated and designed a number of large-scale and high-quality exhibitions, including “The Water of Canglang: Exhibition of Yan Wenliang’s Works Collection”, “Picturesque Jiangnan: Chinese Oil Paintings Exhibition (2015)”, “Collision and Fusion: Exhibition of the Works Collection of the Artists Studying Abroad in the Early 20th Century”, “The Story of Gardens: Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art”, “Exhibition of the Photo Images of Jiangnan’s Changes in the Past Hundred Years”, etc.

  Address: No.2075, Renmin Road, Suzhou

  Opening Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Last admission is at 4:00 pm. Closed on Mondays and open on public holidays.

  Tel: 0512-82280915, 82280950

  2.Suzhou Cultural Center

  Suzhou Cultural Center is a first-class cultural center named by the Ministry of Culture. It is designed in line with the standards of national first-class centers and well-equipped with all kinds of cultural facilities. It is also built with a multifunctional theater which can hold an audience of 543, besides which there are some other cultural facilities, such as Citizen’s Cultural Square, Citizen’s Gallery, Academic Lecture Hall, Dance Rehearsal Hall, Vocal Rehearsal Hall, piano rooms and mobile stage trucks.

  In recent years, taking the construction of modern public cultural service system as an opportunity, Suzhou Cultural Center holds an average of over 1,000 cultural activities and serves 300,000 citizens on average each year. The activities include various performances and exhibitions, such as “Home in Suzhou, Stage of Stars”, “Home in Suzhou, Love in the Water Town”, Folk Art Exhibition, “Crowd-sourced Art, Calligraphy and Photography Exhibition”, “A Taste of Suzhou Handicraft Art”, etc. All these activities have attracted a great number of people to participate in and enjoyed vast popularity among citizens.

  Address: No.2075, Renmin Road, Suzhou

  Opening Hours: From 9:00am every day

  Tel: 0512-82280897

  3.Suzhou Celebrity Museum

  Suzhou is among the fist-branch historical and cultural cities designated by the State Council. Its long history and rich cultural deposit has given birth to countless celebrities. With traditional and modern multimedia technology, Suzhou Celebrity Museum’s display centers on 448 Suzhou celebrities. Being an integration of information, appreciation, instruction, fun and participation, the display has enabled a wide audience to experience Suzhou’s long history and profound culture in a brand new way.

  In recent years, Suzhou Celebrity Museum has implemented the four-in-one model where the four functions of academic research, collection of collections, exhibition and education for the public are driven by historical material exhibitions. Focused on its own characteristics, the museum is committed to building itself into a first-class celebrity museum nationwide in such areas as operation management, academic research and social services.

  Address: No.2075, Renmin Road, Suzhou

  Opening Hours: From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Last admission is at 4:00 pm. Closed on Mondays and open on public holidays.

  Tel: 0512-82280932, 82280939  

  4.Wu Zuoren Art Museum (Suzhou Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Art Academy)

  Mr. Wu Zuoren was born and spent his teenage years in Suzhou. Wu and his wife Ms Xiao Shufang had been highly concerned with the construction and development of his hometown and donated hundreds of pieces of calligraphy works and paintings to Suzhou. They commissioned Mr. Dai Nianci to preside over the design of Wu Zuoren Art Museum. Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government chose a site for the museum near the Twin Towers which isa major historical and cultural site protected at the national level, and spent money on the museum construction in 1990s. Since being completed, the museum has been opened to the public for free. It covers an area of 1,430 square meters, with a floor area of 780 square meters. In 2015, Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government spent nearly 5 million yuan renovating and updating the museum completely. Wu’s original artistic pieces are exhibited in the museum all year around.

  Address: No.88, Dinghui Temple Alley, Suzhou

  Opening Hours: From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Last admission is at 4:00 pm. Closed on Mondays and open on public holidays.

  Tel: 0512-65245629、65245619

  5.Yan Wenliang Memorial Hall (Suzhou Oil Painting Academy)

  Yan Wenliang Memorial Hall is located at the original site of the Suzhou Professional Art School(Suzhou Art Museum). The main building is a Greek-style teaching building, the so-called “Roman Building”, whose construction was overseen by Yan. In recent years, Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government spent a total of more than 4 million yuan on the overall renovation of the building. Thanks to this, the memorial hall has been connected with the Canglang Pavilion, a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site, an old existing garden of Suzhou. It displays the historical materials about Yan’s life all year round, and has in particular restored the classrooms, school flags, school badges, school magazines and other objects and literature materials once used by the Suzhou Professional Art School. Yan Wenliang Memorial Hall is currently the only existing schoolhouses of the four most prestigious art schools in the ROC.

  Address: No.4, behind?Canglang Pavilion, Suzhou

  Opening Hours: From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Last admission is at 4:00 pm. Closed on Mondays and open on public holidays.

  Tel: 0512-65305218

  6.Suzhou Woodcut Printing Academy (Suzhou Taohuawu New Year Picture Museum)

  Founded in 1987, the Suzhou Woodcut Printing Academy now has become an internal institution of Suzhou Public Culture Center. It is located in Puyuan Garden, No. 8, Xiaochangqiao Road, Suzhou.

  Suzhou Taohuawu New Year Picture Museum was founded on January 6, 2006 in Puyuan Garden. In the same year, Taohuawu New Year Picture was included in the list of the First Batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage issued by the State Council. It is originated from the Carving Printing Craftwork of the Song Dynasty and evolved from the Picture of Embroidered Portrait. It had been developed into a mainstream folk art in the Ming Dynasty and reached full development in the Qing Dynasty. The reason why it is named after Taohuawu is because its workshops were concentrated in Taohuawu in the ancient city of Suzhou. Taohuawu New Year Picture and Yangliuqing New Year Picture are later known as “Taohuawu in the Sorth and Yangliuqing in the North.”

  Address: No.8, Xiaochangqiao Road, Suzhou

  Opening hours: From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

  Tel: 0512-67512397

  7.Hang Mingshi Pastel Art Museum (Suzhou Pastel Art Academy)

  Hang Mingshi is a famous great pastel artist at home and abroad. He once served as deputy director of the Pastel Art Committee of the China Artists Association and is now the honorary chairman of Suzhou Artists Association. Hang Mingshi is committed to spreading and popularizing pastel art. He is enthusiastic about the development of pastel art of Suzhou and has donated his masterworks of pastel art during different historical periods in more than sixty years to Suzhou for free.

  With the attention paid by the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government, Hang Mingshi Pastel Art Museum as the first domestic pastel art museum was inaugurated on December 16, 2011. The museum covers an area of 1,600 square meters. Since formally opened to the public on September 28, 2012, it has made full use of its functions, such as art exhibition, academic research, education for the public, etc. It displays a total of 68 pieces of Han’s works donated by Hanmingshi all year round, such as “Cheers for the Return of Hong Kong” and “All In the Sun”. Besides, it has also designed and held a number of exhibitions and salons, such as “Cohesion: 2015 China’s Acclaimed Pastel Artists Invitational Exhibition” and the pastel art salon of “Face to Face with Masters”. The museum has become a shining postcard of Suzhou.

  Address: No.1199, Taihu West Road, Canglang New Town, Suzhou

  Opening Hours: From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Last admission is at 4:00 pm. Closed on Mondays and Open on public holidays.

  Tel: 0512-69351268

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