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Suzhou Silk Museum

Suzhou Silk Museum

Date:2016-11-11 15:06:00Edit:Bureau of Culture, Broadcast and Publication of Suzhou



  Completed and opened in 1991, Suzhou Silk Museum is the first professional silk museum in China, adjacent to North Temple Pagoda scenic spot, and covering an area of 9,500 square meters with 4,000-square-meter display area. It houses five major exhibitions in History Hall, Modern Hall, Science Hall for Children, Sangzi(mulberry tree and catalpa tree) Park and Silk Textile Machinery Showroom, among which, the History Hall consists of six parts, namely, Ancient Hall, Cansang(silkworm and mulberry leaves) House, Weaving and Dyeing House, Tribute Weaving House, The Republic of China Street and Non-heritage Hall. In the Museum, you can see not only fine silk relics display and dynamic demonstrations of mulberry tree planting and silkworm rearing, but also demonstrations of traditional looms operation and the application of modern silk weaving technologies in life.

  Suzhou Silk Museum is the non-heritage inheritance base of the traditional silk weaving skills of Brocades in Song Dynasty and Brocades in Zhangzhou. Besides, it has made great achievements in silk relics reproduction and restoration.

  Address: No. 2001, Renmin Road, Suzhou

  Tel: 0512-67535943

  Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00. Last admission is at 4pm. Closed on Mondays except on national holidays. Visitors will be informed in advance if the museum is closed for special activities or maintenance.