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Songhelou Restaurant

Date:2016-03-31 15:20:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou



  Songhelou Restaurant is a historical world-renowned restaurant offering authentic Suzhou cuisine. It has a history of over 270 years since it was founded at the very beginning of Emperor Qianlong’s Reign (1735AD). The restaurant, featured with traditional Wu culture style, is dedicated to provide refined delicacies of the season with natured ingredients. Songhelou Restaurant is not only a “China Time-honored Brand” authorized by the Ministry of Commerce, but also renowned with the awards of “Golden Tripod Awards” and the title of “National Special-Class Restaurant” offered by former Commerce Department and Domestic Trade Department respectively. Songhelou Restaurant is also a cradle of Chinese chefs. Qualified chefs in this restaurant won the gold medal among various cooking contests both at home and abroad for several times. To some extent, it is a symbol of Suzhou cuisine, and it is frequent in films and literary works such as, film Give Satisfaction To Them, Chonghua Sanwei, Gourmets and Personal Tailor. Jin Yong(Chinese famous Kung Fu story writer) mentioned Songhelou Restaurant for many times in his novel Tian Long Ba Bu. On Sep.23th, 2007, the 84-year-old Jin Yong wrote in his epigraph to the restaurant “Century-old but never leave behind, longevous as still”.

  Location: No.72 Tai Jian Lane, Gusu District, Suzhou

  Tel: 0512-67272285