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Shi Restaurant

Date:2016-03-31 15:19:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou



  Located at No.8 Zhonsghi Street in Mudu ancient town, Shi Restaurant was found in the 55th year of the Emperor Qian Long’s reign (1790). It used to called Xushunlou Restaurant with two wooden buildings for operation. Shi Han was the founder of this restaurant. It used to be a small shop running by the couple themselves. Until 1920s, great-grandson Shi Ren’an separated the hall and kitchen with street. Over the years, famous for cooking fresh dishes from Taihu Lake, this restaurant shapes a complete dish system with ten specialties which named with Shi. In 1929, Li Genyuan renamed this restaurant as Shi Restaurant and inscribed a short signage, 4 small boards and a horizontal inscribed board. Later Ye Gongchuo and Shao Yuanchong wrote the left signage and right signage respectively. In Republic of China, many celebrities came to Shi Restaurant for delicacy, such as Yu Youren, Li Zongren, Li Jishen, Shen Junru, Zhang Zhizhong, Shao Lizi, Ye Chucang, Sha Qianli, Shi Liang, etc.. Li Zongren once wrote in his epigraph to the restaurant “Pursuing equality and fraternity, share happiness with the people”. In past Shanghai, Huang Jinrong and Du Yuesheng would came to Shi Restaurant each time while traveling Taihu Lake. Other celebrities such as famous artists of Beijing Opera Gai Jiatian and Zhou Xinfang, Pinghua artist Jin Shengbo, renowned painter Zhang Daqian.

  Location : No.18 Zhong Shi Street, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

  Tel: 0512-66261401