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Lu Gaojian Meat Shop

Date:2016-03-31 15:18:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou



  Lu Gaojian Meat Shop was found in the second year of Emperor Kang Xi’s Reign (1663). Mr. Lu situated the shop at Zhong Zhen Gong Qiao Wan, in Dongzhong District of Suzhou and selling fresh meat and cooked meat. There is a legend about the origin of the name Lu Gaojian. The tradition has it that on a Apri14th , before the “God Meeting Festival”, a bagger in rag with a palliasse on back and a folded pottery ware in hand came to the shop for a sleep. Mr. Lu had mercy on him and left him for one night. So the beggar put the palliasse on the ground in front of cooking bench, rested head on the folded pottery ware then fell asleep. On the early morning of next day, the beggar left without saying goodbye. The worker found a palliase of no use then put it into the stove. However, following with a fragrance, people in the shop couldn’t help to cheering for the aroma. Mr. Lu was confused and then he was aware of that the beggar last night might be the lucky god “Lv Chunyang”. He also found that the folded pottery ware symbolizing a Chinese character “lv”. Thinking of this, Mr. Lu preserved the rest palliase carefully and picked up a piece of the grass each time of cooking. The meat cooking in this way endowed a great smell which haunting through the whole Zhongshi Street and Xiatang area. Spreading from mouth to mouth, the shop became most popular than ever. Mr. Lu thought it was a great idea to name the shop with this magical story. Then Lu Gaojian came out as a result. From then on, Lu Gaojian Meat Shop maintain prosperous everlasting.

  Location: No. 8 Guan Qian Street (at the starting point of Cuifang Bridge)

  Tel: 0512-67270158