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Laozhengxing Restaurant

Date:2016-03-31 15:17:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou



  Laozhengxing Restaurant is famous for Shaoxing cuisine. Shaoxing cuisine is special in cooking ingredients from river and poultry. The dishes taste soft and crispy, simple but special. Laozhengxing Restaurant holds a traditional understanding of quick-fry, fry, braise and stew which offers dishes with heavy sauce and proper taste. High quality ingredients and strict cooking procedure are priority to the restaurant. Stewed Pork with Preserved Bean Curd, Stewed Pork Intestine, Fish Head in Casserole and Fried Eel Paste are signature dishes of this restaurant. For example, Stewed Pork with Preserved Bean Curd cooks with special Red Rose preserved bean curd; Stewed Pork Intestine cooks with thick and tasteful intestine; Fish Head in Casserole cooks with the head of fleshy chub which weighs 1kg; Fried Eel Paste cooks with alive eel in June to August. In addition, Laozhengxing Restaurant is also famous for cooking river ingredients. Wast Lake Sour Fish, Liquor Preserved Crab, Yellow Croaker Soup and many other dishes can be change to adapt the season. It is welcomed by the customers worldwide for reasonable price.

  Location: 2F, No. 1-27 Tai Jian Lane, Guan Qian Street

  Tel: 0512-67700588