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Huangtianyuan Rice-Cake Shop

Date:2016-03-31 15:15:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou



  Huangtianyuan Rice-Cake Shop is a time-honered brand in Suzhou. According to a survey of Industry and Commerce Association in Southern Suzhou and the List of Rice-Cake Business in Wu Area(released at the very beginning of 1949), Huangtianyuan Rice-Cake Shop was built in the first year of Emperor Dao Guang’s reign (1821). It was originally a small stall selling zongzi in the area of Duting Bridge, Dongzhong city, and running by Huang Qiting from Cixi, Zhejiang. The stall gained great reputation owing to the qualified products. Then it moved to a shop at the Duting Bridge and named Huangtianyuan Rice-Cake Shop. From then on, the products became expanded, including Five-colored Dumpling, Coating Dumpling, Salty Glutinous Rice Roll, Salty Lard Rice-cake, Sweet and Fried Potato, etc.. Mrs.Huang, Huang Qiting’s daughter-in-law took over the shop after the death of both father and son. However, the shop went downhill for bad management. Mrs.Huang transferred the ownership of the shop to Gu Guilin with 1,000 flat silvers(former coinage). Otherwise, Mr. Gu had to pay 12 dan rice for renting the brand. From then on, Huangtianyuan became a shop running by Gu family.

  Location: No.86 Guan Qian Street, Pingjiang District, Suzhou(neighboring the Xuanmiao Temple)

  Tel: 0512-67277033