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Brief Introduction to Suzhou Foreign Service Center

Date:2016-03-31 13:16:00Edit:Department of Publicity, Suzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC


  Established in 1992, Suzhou Foreign Service Center is a subsidiary of Foreign Affairs Office of the Suzhou Municipal Government. It is the only comprehensive foreign service agent appointed by the municipal government for foreign enterprises and their resident representative offices in Suzhou. Adhering to the principle of “people oriented, service foremost, dedication to the society”, Suzhou Foreign Service Center is the pioneer of export-oriented human resources service in Suzhou and has gained experience in professional service with an effective working team of high quality, professional expertise and good service during a developing period of less than two decades. It provides a comprehensive range of services including personnel outsourcing, business consultation, and recruitment for hundreds of world renowned foreign enterprises, resident representative offices of foreign enterprise in Suzhou, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and government institutions in different fields covering finance, trade, logistics, pharmacy, food, electronics, mechanics, apparel, retail, gaining itself a high reputation among local enterprises.

  Suzhou Foreign Service Center mainly engages in staffing and other relevant services for branches, resident representative offices or administrative bodies of foreign enterprises in Suzhou, providing services in human resources for dispatched units and employees.

  Business Consultation. Provide resident representative offices and branches of foreign enterprises with consultation, agency and other supporting services in examination and registration, establishment, deferment, alteration and revocation; dispose affairs of industry and commerce, tax administration, customs, foreign exchange, organization code, bank account registration and annual business license inspection.

  Staffing Service. Provide staffing service for representative offices and resident offices of foreign enterprises in Suzhou in accordance with national laws and regulations, which covers signing labor contract with dispatched employees, as well as handling recruitment and dismissal affairs, and paying endowment insurance and housing provident fund for dispatched employees who could also enjoy the welfare like expense-paid trip and medical examination.

  Mutual Agency. As a member of China Association of Foreign Service Trades, the Center maintains its extensive communication and cooperation with other members together with management departments of foreign enterprises. Under the entrustment protocol, it handles recruitment and dismissal affairs for dispatched employees and as well as non-native social insurance tax and housing provident fund remitting.

  Personnel Outsourcing. At the service of resident representative offices and branches of independent legal foreign enterprises for personnel outsourcing, involving remitting social insurance tax and housing provident fund for the staff as well as paying salaries, paying taxes, accounting and annually auditing at the request of the companies.

  Commercial Insurance. In order to ensure the interests of both the employers and employees, the Center provides commercial insurance for a supplement to social insurance. Companies could pay extra insurance for their staff if necessary.

  Talent Recruitment. Make recommendations on and recruit talents to the needs of foreign representative offices and foreign enterprises.

  Personnel Files Custody. Manage personnel files of Chinese employees for foreign representative offices and foreign enterprises; provide temporary household registration for non-native single employees; manage party membership transfer.

  Permits Agency. Apply Employment Permit, Residence Permit Work Visa for foreign nationals.