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Nanhuan Huilin Square

Date:2016-08-23 15:00:00Edit:Bureau of Commerce of Suzhou



  Located at the intersection of Nanhuan Road and Nanyuan Road (north of Suzhou South Bus Station), Nanhuan Huilin Square is a large-scale urban life commercial complex invested, developed as well as owned and operated by Suzhou Ruijia Commercial Development Co., Ltd. With a total floor area of 150,000 square meters, it has six commercial floors from B1 to F5 and 800 parking spaces. The square has many commercial tenants, such as International Cineplex of China Film Group Corporation, China Resources Vanguard, Impulse Fitness Center, Cartoony World, Giant Star KTV, fashion clothing stores and theme restaurants, etc. It was officially opened in September 2015.

  Suzhou Ruijia Business Development Co., Ltd. was established in January 2012 with registered capital of 428 million yuan and is affiliated to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Gusu District. Since its founding, the company has been striving to build a commercial brand of Gusu District, a business product of Huilin Center, which integrates the idea of benefiting the neighborhood and creating a happy life into the concept of bringing together brand name merchants, convenient services, quality life, safe consumption and harmonious neighborhood. What’s more, thanks to unified planning, investment attraction, operation and management, the community business of Gusu District has taken a new look, enabling the citizens of Gusu District to have truly enjoyed a convenient, healthy and quality life. In future, the company will continue to carry out chain development strategy with Huilin Center as the community business model and improve the community business model of the ancient city to make it the most representative and influential community commercial brand in Suzhou so as to serve the citizens in Gusu District as well as the whole city of Suzhou.