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Suzhou Shilu International Shopping Mall Co., Ltd.

Date:2017-12-20 16:22:00Edit:Bureau of Commerce of Suzhou


  Shilu International, a large comprehensive department store, has always been adhering to the enterprise spirit of honest operation, pursuit of excellence, pioneering development and advancing with the times. The enterprise, taking customers’ satisfaction as its everlasting goal, forges ahead with determination in a realistic and practical manner. In 2008, it began to practice an upgrading strategy and implemented three overall renovation projects with the total investment amounting to more than 100 million yuan (15.2 billion USD). In 2012, it began to practice the transformation and upgrading strategy in business philosophy, management mechanism, commodity structure, environmental facility, service regulation, etc. The company has initially transformed into a modern general merchandise enterprise which has maintained steady development momentum since then.

  Faced with the unfavorable situation of market downturn, competition from e-commerce and consumer diversion, Shilu International has made great efforts for new development opportunities. To address the problem of insufficiency in supporting facilities, the entire 7F was transformed into a catering area with the new concept of the integration of shopping, recreation and dining to create a good atmosphere for interaction. In view of parking spaces, Shilu International has actively contacted the surrounding parking lots and taken a measure of shopping for free parking for the convenience of customers. With regard to new media and new consumption ways, Shilu International works hard to increase technology support, upgrade WeChat platform from a subscription account to a service account and set up online payment platforms, targeting VIPs and WeChat followers and strengthening new media promotion capabilities. Meanwhile, Shilu International works hard to adjust customer service center, enlarge usable area and extend its service. Ten service items have been newly provided, including the establishment of mother-and-baby rooms, cell phone charging points and etc.

  Learning from the advanced experience of modern department stores actively, Suzhou Shilu International Shopping Mall Co., Ltd. constantly innovates its business philosophy, adjusts organizational structure, changes management mode, makes progress in the modernization of company management system in a steady way, and launches the “service brand”, “star manager” and other innovative measures to continuously forge refined, personalized and humanized service features. Amid a soaring economy overall in Suzhou, the company has made profound changes in its organizational framework, operating system, regulation, work flow and requirements for the post. As such, the company has met the requirements for modern enterprise management on the whole and has adapted to those for market development.

  With the joint efforts made by all members in the company, as well as the strong support received from various sectors of society and consumers, the company crossed the line of RMB 1.5 billion (0.23 billion USD) in annual sales, which is a huge progress compared with the sales of RMB 170 million (25 million USD) during the first year. The company has won “Civilized Unit in Jiangsu Province” for six consecutive times. Meanwhile, the company has successively won over 200 national, provincial and municipal honorary titles such as “Model Shop in Nationwide Fake Free Campaign”, “Chinese Business Brand-name Enterprise” and “National Business Quality and Efficiency Oriented Advanced Enterprise”.

  September 25th , 2017