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Aeon Mall Suzhou Xinqu Project Introduction

Date:2017-12-20 16:21:00Edit:Bureau of Commerce of Suzhou


  - Aeon Mall Sunan (Suzhou) Business Management Co., Ltd.

  "Aeon Mall Suzhou New District" (hereinafter referred to as the Mall) is a large-scale shopping center of Japan's Aeon Mall Co., Ltd.. The Mall was opened on January 15, 2016 as the third Aeon Mall in Suzhou after "Aeon Mall Suzhou Wuzhong" and "Aeon Mall Suzhou Industrial Park Hudong". Aeon Mall expands its business in China with a focus on regions around Beijing and Tianjin, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, Hubei Province and Guangdong Province. As of now (October, 2017), it has opened 13 shopping centers in China. Aeon Mall will, in all regions of China where the middle class continues to grow and domestic demand continues to expand, keep striving towards the goal to be a shopping center that creates “the future of life".

  ■The site of Aeon Mall Suzhou Xinqu

  Suzhou National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (SND) emphasizes on attracting foreign-invested companies. With more than 500 Japanese companies in SND, it has become a leading administrative unit in driving the economy of Suzhou.

  The Mall is adjacent to the Suzhou New District Railway Station and entrance and exit of Central Expressway (a ring-shaped expressway) that opened in 2015. In addition, it is planned to be the departure station of Real Transit Line 3. Therefore, the Mall is easily accessible in a wide region. Residential districts in the national development zone are under development near the Mall,which makes it a promisingly potential wide market.

  1. Features of Aeon Mall Suzhou Xinqu.

  The design-A new landmark

  The shopping mall with a dynamic design for giant canopy on top of its center has become the new landmark of SND with prosperity in the high-tech industry. The foundation square in front of the central gate along with nearby cafeterias and restaurants creates a combination of bustle and tranquility.

  The “gourmet” zone-No.1 in SND

  A delicacy centre characterized by Suzhou history and traditions with its leisure and nostalgia can be found on the 1st floor, which will remind you of the other 6 delicacy areas of different themes such as the Restaurant Factory in the near future. Moreover, 120 restaurants that take up over 40% of the total area are available here to meet customers’ demand, including a 3-storey delicacy alley which creates a sense of openness with giant windows on the 8-meter high ceilings.

  “Touching experience”-to light up your family

  A visit here can be fascinating with approximately 280 specialty stores, Aeon Supermarket, delicacy zones and amusement facilities. The Mall will provide different customers with a “touching experience” on the basis of its experience and technology accumulated in the operation of 12 shopping centers in China.

  2. An overview of Aeon Mall Suzhou Xinqu

  The Name of the Shopping Center: (Japanese)イオンモール蘇州新区(そしゅうしんく)

  (Chinese) 永旺梦乐城苏州新区 (suzhou xinqu)

  Address: 19 Chengji Road, Suzhou New District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, P.R.C.

  Tel: 0512-6291-7111

  HP Address:

  Number of Speciality Stores : About 280 stores

  Site Area (m2): About 139,000

  Floor Area (m2): About 163,000

  Gross Leasable Area (m2): About `74,000

  Building Construction : 3 floors above ground, 1 floor under ground

  Vehicle Parking Capacity: About 3,200

  Opening Date: 15 Jan 2015, Friday

  Business Time: 10:00~22:00, Speciality Stores, Restaurants

  Business Days: All year round

  Staff: About 2,500

  Basic Commercial Circles: 20 minutes’ drivine, about 1,530,000 people

  3. Characteristics of Aeon Mall Suzhou Xinqu

  Concepts of the Mall

  “Over the Top” Wonderful experience beyond your expectations

  Providing customers a wonderful, unique experience in the Mall.

  Aeon Mall Suzhou Xinqu will provide customers with a new lifestyle.

  The architectural design is fused with natural, cultural and industrial elements of Suzhou.

  The design of the landscape and fountain in front of the main entrance is based on the linear structure concept characterized in girds which has retained in Suzhou’s architectural design from ancient times to the present on the one hand and fuses the colorful hue and soft contour on the other hand.

  1F-3F: each floor has a "gourmet" area


  An area that creates a nostalgic atmosphere and is in possession of a collection of the various food and beverage brands around the world.

  A blend of “gourmet” and .“space”, with each resturant providing a distinctive sensation

  Providing much fun and space in the Mall.


  An minimalist space reminiscent of life in the near future

  Guaranteeing a comfortable stay in the Mall.  

  Provide customers with minimalist space for gourmet never experienced.


  A "gourmet" space of warmth and fashion.

  A structure setting storefront and customer’s seating opposite along with the height

  Make customers feel like being in the city, and full of openness when they are in the Food Street.


  【Universal design】

  The basic goal of Aeon Malls is to create a sense of comfort and convenience for everyone regardless of age and gender. What Aeon persues is to provide a comfortable space for all customers to have a wonderful time. A shopping center is not only a place where goods and services are available, but also a social stronghold to contribute to enriching the life of local residents, so that all the customers, including the elders, those with disabilities and childbearers can enjoy shopping comfortably and conveniently. Therefore, it’s important for a shopping center to be one that “cares for both men and the environment”.

  ■The concrete measures to be implemented

  1. Guide customers to find their destination with ease:

  In order to help customers to be informed of the location and direction, the Mall uses its layout and colors, as well as instruction signs of distinct colors as easy indicators for customers.

  In order to help customers to distinguish different entrances, there is an instruction sign at each entrance. Furthermore, the areas differ in their theme colors for indication.

  2. Provide convenient parking:

  About 700 parking spaces are set in the underground indoor parking lots that are free from the rain.

  A parking lots management system with LED lights is put into use, therefore parking spaces can be found more easily. In addition, each parking area in the parking lots varies in color and sign in order to help customers identify their parking place effortlessly.

  3. Provide comfortable space for everyone to enjoy with an ease of mind.

  Public toilets and children’s toilets

  For easy use of the toilits by customs from a young age to elder ones, we re-examined the standard

  of toilets from the perspective of general design. There are 12 multi-purpose public restrooms (public toilets) in the building and toilets near the center of each floor are equipped with mother-and-baby restrooms and children’s restrooms for the convenience of families with children (3 such restrooms in total). Moreover, all women’s rooms are equipped with dressing space and resting areas are also added near the bathrooms.

  Barrier free

  For the convenience of the elderly and physically-challenged customers, all the possible barriers have been removed from the shopping center.

  Resting areas

  To alleviate customers’ fatigue, the shopping center has been equipped with about 100 resting sofas.

  [Safety Precautions, Prevention Measures for Disaster and Burglary]

  ■Specific examples of enforcement

  1.       Safety precautions.

  To avoid children’s leaning out of balustrades and falling down, the balustrades on every floor of the shopping center are higher than 1.4m, the common height. Protective glass panes are also set on the balustrades of escalators.

  To prevent the harm of passive smoking, 9 smoking rooms are particularly set. By separating smoking zones, non-smokers can get rid of passive smoking.

  2.       Disaster and burglary prevention measures.

  To assure the customers shopping without any worry, anti-theft cameras are set in all parking lots (including those on the ground, underground, indoor parking lots and those on the top of the buildings) and all shopping districts, thus to strengthen the response measures of burglary and disasters.

  [Focus on Environmental Protection and Society-Contributing Activities.]

  This shopping center concentrates on environmental protection, tries to make itself “a shopping center that cares for human beings and the environment”. For the purpose of reducing the emission of carbon dioxide, all the identification marks and lighting equipment are LED apparatus, which have achieved high efficiency of the heat source load by flexible operation of the air conditioning.

  Moreover, by joining the public welfare consortium “AEON 1% Club”, all the companies of AEON group has initiated various activities that dedicate to “environmental protection”, “international culture, talent exchange, talent cultivation”, “regional culture, social revitalization”, etc.

  ■Specific examples of enforcement

  Application of LED equipment

  LED equipment is used, instead of fluorescent light in shape of ball or tube, as part of the public lighting equipment in the building for purpose of reducing power consumption and carbon dioxide emission. Besides, stores actively promote the use of LED equipment to lower the temperature in the shopping center and to save power.

  Two kinds of solar panels for heating water and producing electricity

  On the roof of the building are set solar panels to heat water (about 1,200 m2), which can provide at most about 95 m3 hot water (the amount enough for a household’s one-year use) to the food court. Besides, solar panels to produce electricity (about 350 m2) are also equipped on the roof, providing power of about 60kW/h for indoor lighting.

  Greening of the parking lots and walls

  The ground parking lot has been equipped with environment-friendly concrete bricks and tiles covered with meadows. Besides, the walls are greened with patterns of traditional Suzhou checks.

  Implementation of introduction and enlightenment of environment protection

  Billboards about environment protection were set in the Mall to introduce related activities we organized. Also we promote enlightenment of environment protection to customers.

  Measures to block UV

  To reduce air conditioner load and prevent direct sunlight, the Mall adopted “water drop pattern LOW-E glass” in the edge of the roof where glass was involved.

  “Aeon Hometown Forests Program” tree planting activity

  “Aeon Hometown Forests Program”is one of the activities Aeon has organized in cooperation with local customers to promote environment protection and social contributions. In this tree planting activity, saplings of local wild trees are planted and carefully tended in facility land. On November 21, 2015 (Saturday), the Mall organized this activity, during which about 3,000 Suzhou local wild trees like ligustrum vicaryis and photinia serrulatas were planted with the help of 600 Suzhou citizens.

  “Little Ambassadors between China and Japan” (Communication between Senior Highs from China and Japan)

  To promote communication between senior highs from China, Japan as well as countries from Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Aeon 1% Club, a public-benefit foundation, has started its “Little Ambassadors Cause” since 1990. Examples set by senior highs in Suzhou City contributed to an increasing participation in such an event across our country, as was in last July and October, senior highs from China and Japan paid a mutual visit in each other’s countries and, through a great variety of activities, mutual understanding was deepened.

  [Countermeasures of other facilities implementation]

  Greening programme

  To create a comfortable shopping environment, about 260 thousand trees are planted surrouding the Mall and nearly 400 pots of potted plants are placed inside.

  Facilities for staff only

  To facilitate the relaxation for staff working in the Mall such as shopping assistants and cleaners, a special lounge is set up in the Mall. It is also equipped with sofa for rest, women’s dressing room and smoking room.

  [Other features]

  Features of architectural design

  The whole concept of the Mall is made up based on the numerous "squares" that remain on the streets of Suzhou. The goal is to achieve a design that integrates long history of Suzhou and modern Suzhou.

  In Suzhou, “Aeon Mall Suzhou Wuzhong” which opened in 2014 set up symbolic memorial architecture at the centre area using the “Fan” as its theme, and “Aeon Mall Suzhou Yuanqu Hudong” which opened in 2015 using the “Sphere” as its theme. While the Mall mainly takes up the traditional Suzhou “square” type linear structure, a huge canopy is arranged at the center, below which is a square with a fountain lying in its centre.