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An Introduction to Suzhou Shilu Rainbow CC. Mall

Date:2017-12-20 15:59:00Edit:Bureau of Commerce of Suzhou


  (Provided by Suzhou Rainbow Department Store Co., Ltd., September 2017)

  Suzhou Shilu Rainbow CC.Mall, a branch store attached to Suzhou Rainbow Department Store Co., Ltd., is the first thematic shopping center in Suzhou. It is a ten-storey building, with a total floor area 120,000 square meters. This building is as large as a ship mooring at the wharf and is at the core of Suzhou Shilu Commercial Zone, boasting the premium location in central business district of Suzhou ancient city. Adjacent to Suzhou’s famous tourist attractions such as Shantang Street, Lingering Garden, Xiyuan Temple and Nanhao Street, CC.Mall has arguably the best views there. With Guangji Road on the east and Jinmen Road on the north, CC.Mall offers convenient transport facilities, with the interchange of Rail Transit Line 1 and 2 only 200 meters away, Rail Transit Line 2 directly connected to its B1F, over 50 bus lines passing through, and large underground parking lots on its B2F and B3F accommodating nearly 400 parking spaces.

  Shilu Rainbow CC.Mall is a shopping center that integrates eating, drinking, entertainment and shopping. It boasts diverse businesses including fitness rooms and Internet café, cinemas and KTV, game cities and kids clubs, shopping and entertainment space and so on. Its B1F is used for stylish dining, 1F-6F for boutiques and department stores, while 7F-10F for themed catering. If you are foodies, CC.Mall is a must place for you. Over 70 F&B brands of the mall presents diverse choices from fresh taste to heavy taste to meet the needs of customers, including Hai Di Lao Huo Guo (Hidilao Hotpot), Grandma’s Home, Zuo Ting You Yuan (Umami Hot Pot), Toronto Seafood Buffet Restaurant, Water Paradise Restaurant, Bi Feng Tang Restaurant etc.

  Taking young and fashionable urban white-collar and family gathering as the target, Shilu CC.Mall adheres to the brand concept of “Colourful” and “Cool”. With its position with fashion as well as popularity and luxury combined, it is committed to building itself into a fashion trend leader of Suzhou, to present numerous life styles for customers. Welcome to Shilu Rainbow CC.Mall!