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MORE TOWER MORE IN New Format and New Picture of Suzhou Tower

Date:2017-12-20 15:51:00Edit:Bureau of Commerce of Suzhou


  Since the establishment in 1996, Suzhou Tower Shopping Mall has been adhering to a characteristic way of combining boutique and fashion, following the style of youth, vogue, trend, high quality and entry luxury, and making breakthroughs and innovations based on the orientation of a modern and exquisite lifestyle. The East Tower Mini Mall has restarted in diversified types of business, while the fourth floor of the West Tower Mall has transformed and upgraded itself into a fashion base. All that brings people in Suzhou a brand new lifestyle which is much more prosperous, popular and fashionable.

  More Prosperous–Top brands in the first-tier cities of Shanghai and Beijing now can be found in Suzhou Tower Shopping Mall.

  Celine–French luxury brand with unique style and independent tailoring, most suitable to professional women, reveals your beauty and charm.

  YSL–Who knows girls better than YSL? Who has more colors of lipsticks than YSL dose? Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Star Clash is the best surprise for girls.

  Catier–Luxurious dream of global fashionable personage, extraordinary design and perfect handcraft make Catier the best jeweller for the royal family.

  Tod’s–Elegance, luxury, good taste, best quality, unique and distinct.

  Tory Burch–A combination of classic American design elements and stylish chic, a brand of practical and modern energetic lifestyle.

  Red Valentino–Dream clothing for all women, made by interesting fashion elements, superior material and elegant retouch.

  Versace–Unique and distinctive design, a symbol of aesthetic avant-garde, Medusa’s attraction.

  Theory–A perfect match for city ladies with shinny leather, personalized tailoring and delicate must-have patterns.

  Sandro–Specialized for young city girls, reflects modern fashionable trends, orientated in romance, freedom, vintage and elegance.

  Maje–Mysterious, romantic and exquisite Bohemian style, displays the independence, confidence and diversified beauty of women.

  CPB–Achieves a youthful look, unlocks the door to the skin’s natural beauty, best known for the Radiant Cream Foundation and popular among celebrities.

  More Popular–Suzhou Tower offers quality products with every detail taken care of, favored by plenty of Internet celebrities.

  Ferragamo–A combination of function and luxurious as well as elegant design with a high quality even in the slightest detail. Won the title of "star's shoe maker".

  Bally–Integrity-focused design of clothing, shoes and handbags to realize "the integrity of the overall style".

  Omega–The only watch on the Moon. Formal and rigorous in style. The Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games for up to 31 times.

  Piaget–Ultra-thin movements reflect the pursuit for details and sophisticated craftsmanship indicates the “always better than required” spirit.

  Calvin Klein–“I want the purest, simplest and trendiest” is the brand spirit. Design is inspired by the pursuit for nobleness in human nature.

  Kate Spade–The most defining handbags and shoes focus on high-lightening the vivacious attitude towards life with smart modeling and bright colors.

  Juice countre–well-known as a brand for sweet girls and offering an alluring mix of fresh and feminine attire with bright colors.

  Love Moschino–The resonance bestowed by “Love” is integrated into the design creativity of the main brand followed. Various kinds of overall fashion styles.

  Coccinelle–Each product was handmade by Italian craftsmen with high quality leather and the designing concept of overall integration, simplicity and elegance.

  Kiehl’s–The lip balm, cucumber herbal alcohol-free toner and hydrating moisture emulsion are all best sellers favored by Hollywood stars.

  More trendyOffer trendy and latest news of fashion. Best Choice for the young to follow the trend.

  G.Givency–The signature aesthetic is one of beautifully constructed clothes for every day with a strong emphasis on subtle detailing and use of eclectic custom made materials. Cooperation with various artists adds to its uniqueness.

  Kenzo–a French luxury house founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. It combines the passion and liveliness of the Latin with bright and diverse colors.

  Y-3–Designed by Yohji Yamamoto, it calls for vitality, youth and uniqueness.

  DANIEL WELLINGTON–It was minimalistic and without too many features. The traditional, yet crisp design blends together perfectly with the colourful straps.

  BANXIAOXUE–It is the appreciation and respect to the Mother Nature that has made me to give birth to this brand: everything returns to nature, to find the purest and most primitive sense. In one sense it means the clothes that are designed by the inspiration of nature, in the other it also tells that the person who wears them should feel natural, too.

  Initial–Founded in 2000, the initial concept is not limited to the customer’s closet; it extends to the pursuit of exquisite style and fashion in all aspects of life.

  N-one–It is a integrated luxury boutique conveying happiness and fashion and brings the newest trendy I T items and series into life.

  UOOYAA–Full of art and imagination, it expresses the attitude of today’s young generation towards life.

  Originals–Originals a star product line in Adidas with the appreciation of originality and display of street style.

  O VAPE STUDIO–It is safe, fashionable and multifunctional. At the end of the journey, you will be equipped with a device that makes you Fly.

  Upgrade Your Lifestyle–People-friendly and life-oriented/daily services upgraded to offer a satisfactory consuming experience.

  MUJI–More minimalism,nature,basic,high-quality,sound,environmental-friendly(recycling) and affordable household goods provided by the flagship store in TOWER.

  STARBUCKS–Coffee that modern people are keen on. The point is no longer the coffee itself but the culture and knowledge of it. And the petty bourgeois sentiment it reveals.

  Café DROPTOP–More than 300 food and beverages available; resting space with sensory interior designs filled with refreshing aroma of trees; coffee that Jun Ji-hyun enjoys.

  In style–Domestic trend-setter in hair extension and colored hairstyles. Inspired by fashion and funky elements with youthful power.

  Hairology Hair&Spa–Effective and professional hair-care with herbal techniques;comprehensively care your hair and scalp to retrieve the beauty of health by recuperating with nutrition rather than curing.

  ELLE VIT–Top-level and high-tech cellular skincare brand from France, dedicated to develop frontier biotechnology and produce state-of-the-art beauty apparatus.

  Hu Mo Beauty Center–Supply manicure and ciliary beauty services, environment with flowers, ornamental plants, tea-related things, regimen and DIY courses; tend to lead a light luxury life.

  SIYANLI HEALTH & BEAUTY SPA–Top-quality and surefire spa; perfect care and mental paradise for beauty-seekers.

  SADORA–Leading brand of authentic Japanese style hairdressing. The young’s first choice of creative and fashion hairstyles.

  ZOFF–Groundbreaking quality with extreme light weight and flexibility. Spectacles are funky accessories rather than just a tool for correcting vision.

  Rui Xiang Worldwide–A collection of best-sellers worldwide. High-end products available.

  XIN MEI HUA–Suzhou cuisine suited for family and friends union. Signature roasted duck is a must-try.

  Fleet of Time–A creative theme restaurant that hundreds of fans queue up for. Roasted chicken with pole dancing pose is our signature dish and must-try for foodies.

  RIVERSIDE & COURTYARD–Supply spicy-hot, full-bodied, savory and succulent grilled fish with the most fresh fishes. The leader in the industry of grilled fish.

  Pure Green Hotpot–Have our own pepper production base; overturn the traditional red soup base by refreshing and innovative green one.

  Over the years, Suzhou Tower is highly spoken of by the whole society as "national top 100 retailer", "national trustworthy enterprise", "advanced complaints station", "zero fake and shoddy goods enterprise" and so on for its business integrity. As the fashion leader of Suzhou, Tower will introduce other daily services such as fitness center and cinema, and will present a new feature of "mall-subway full connection". It will always strive to be a more refined and fashionable service provider as its guiding principle "more Tower more in" states, bringing the people of Suzhou shopping concepts and commodities closer to their lives.