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Suzhou Shilu International Shopping Mall Co., Ltd.

Date:2016-08-22 14:54:00Edit:Bureau of Commerce of Suzhou






  Shilu International is a large comprehensive shopping mall. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of honest operation, pursuit of excellence , innovative development and keeping pace with the times and taking customers’ satisfaction as its everlasting goal, the company is always realistic and practical, and meanwhile forges ahead with determination. In 2008, it began to implement upgrading strategy and carried out overall renovation projects for three times with the total investment of more than 100 million. In 2012, the company began to implement the transformation and upgrading strategy in operation concept, management mechanism, commodity structure, environmental facility and service regulation, etc, which has helped transform itself into a modern general merchandise enterprise preliminarily which has maintained steady development momentum since then.

  In 2015, the sales of Shilu International reached nearly 1.5 billion yuan with its profit increasing by 5% over the last year; its taxes reached nearly 50 million, increasing by 13% over the last year. Given the unfavorable situation of market downturn, competition from e-commerce and consumption diversion, Shilu International has made great efforts for new development opportunities. To address the problem of insufficiency in supporting facilities, the entire 7th floor was transformed into a catering area with the new concept of the integration of shopping, recreation to create a good atmosphere for interaction. To cover the shortage in parking spaces, it contacted the surrounding parking lots and took a measure of shopping for free parking to make it more convenient for the customers. To combine online shopping with offline shopping, the Golden Ant Import Commodity Supermarket was set up to test the online and offline sales model simultaneously. As for new media and new consumption ways, the company has made great efforts to improve its popularity by investing more in technology to upgrade its WeChat platform from a subscription account to an official one, making use of online payment platforms, targeting VIPs and WeChat followers at the same time. Meanwhile, the customer service center has been adjusted and reconstructed to increase usable areas and provide more than 10 service items, such as mother-and-baby rooms, phone charging sites, etc.

  Learning from the advanced experience of modern department stores actively, the company has been committed to operation philosophy innovation, organization structure adjustment and management model transformation to drive the modernization of its management system in a steady way. The company has also launched such initiatives as Service Brand, Star Shop Manager to make services more refined, personalized and humanized. In the face of the overall trend of the rapid economic development in Suzhou, the company has made many significant adjustments to its organizational structure, operation system, enterprise regulations, work procedures and job requirements. It has basically met the requirements of modern enterprise management and market development.

  Facing the historic opportunity of the rapid economic development of Suzhou, the company has seized market opportunities, accelerated expansion steps and innovatively implemented a operation model combining micro investments with heavy investments, and co-founded Suzhou Shishan Shilu International Life Plaza Co., Ltd. with Suzhou Automobile Passenger Transport Group Co., Ltd. and Suzhou High-tech Zone Rail Transit Co., Ltd., which has laid a solid foundation for the upgrading and development of Shilu International.

  In 2016, Shilu International proposed a guide line of adjustment, consolidation and promotion. It has made three major adjustments to its operation structure, commodity structure and service system, and created a model of new marketing, new service and new experience to fully improve its core competitiveness and strive for better business performance.