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Introduction to RT-Mart Xiangcheng Branch

Date:2016-08-20 14:37:00Edit:Bureau of Commerce of Suzhou


  RT-Mart Xiangcheng Branch (full name: Kunshan Runhua Commercial Co., Ltd. Suzhou Xiangcheng Branch) was officially opened on January 21, 2007. Its business area (shops on the first floor included) is about 11,000 square meters, and its annual turnover has kept ranking the second in all the RT-Mart systems nationwide for three consecutive years.

  Operation Philosophy of RT-Mart:

  Fresh, Cheap, Comfortable and Convenient.


  RT-Mart provides customers with fresh fruits, vegetables and aquatic products, as well as bright decorations, reliable and fashionable daily necessities, apparel and brands, etc.

  By virtue of Auchan Group’s advantage of global joint procurement, RT-Mart has not only greatly increased the types and improved the qualities of commodities, but also saved a lot of money for customers. In 2001, it added imported goods and its own merchandises.


  RT-Mart is committed to creating a spacious, bright and modern shopping environment for customers. It has designed a simple “丰”-shaped shopping route , the vertical line of which is the main route, while the horizontal lines are commodity partitions with clear marks of commodity types. RT-Mart has set up food streets, theme restaurants, boutiques, shopping streets as well as Children’s Paradise, allowing customers to enjoy a more diverse leisure time while shopping. In addition, some branches have set up pharmacies, post offices, convenience stores and car tire repair stations in accordance with the living habits of local customers, so as to provide more intimate and convenient life services. Furthermore, free water dispensers and paper cups are also available in the stores.


  Commodities provided by RT-Mart can meet various demands of customers to the maximum extent in type, price and taste, allowing customers to purchase sufficient items they need in one shopping center.

  As a leader in the business area, RT-Mart Xiangcheng Branch provides professional services for customers, and has become a trustworthy shopping mall which upholds the principles of "pragmatic, simple and innovative" in its operation and continues to drive itself forward. Through Knowhow operated by Auchan Group globally, RT-Mart Xiangcheng Branch provides one-hour training each week for employees to cultivate their professional skills and expertise and then effectively enhance their professional qualities. Besides, RT-Mart encourages each branch to participate in community life for in-depth understanding of the ideas of the residents in the business area, so as to develop business proposals in line with customer needs and then establish an interaction of complete trust between employees, businesses and customers. In order to maintain its image of a professional service provider, RT-Mart conducts customer satisfaction surveys every year. Through professional analysis of the survey results, RT-Mart identifies problems to be resolved and then strives to improve customer satisfaction with each employee involved. In addition, RT-Mart will continue with the software and hardware construction of membership in line with the innovative proposals expected by customers to give its members more attention, so that it can walk into every customer’s life to become the most trustworthy enterprise with the best understanding of their needs.