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Suzhou Renmin Shopping Mall Co., Ltd.

Date:2016-08-22 14:23:00Edit:Bureau of Commerce of Suzhou





  Suzhou Renmin Shopping Mall was founded in 1934. Its predecessor was one of the famous four major domestic product companies in the business community of Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai. In 1994, Suzhou Renmin Shopping Mall Co., Ltd. was founded, which has developed into a large-scale comprehensive retail enterprise in commercial industry with long history, large sales volume and high popularity in Suzhou.

  The company is located in the Guanqianjie Commercial Zone in the downtown of Suzhou City. It is mainly engaged in retailing of commodities with other businesses covering import and export, wholesale of home appliances, agent of clothing and advertising, etc. The company also deals with businesses in real estate, financial industry, guarantees, petty loans as well as venture capital investment. It has successfully transformed and upgraded from a traditional enterprise to a modern and diversified group commercial enterprise.

  Currently, the company owns four stores, namely, Renmin Shopping Mall in the main building, Home Appliance Plaza in the north building and New Suzhou Department Store as well as the New Pingjiang Commercial Plaza under construction, covering a total floor area of 100,000 square meters. Renmin Shopping Mall’s principal business is brand clothing and general merchandises, with shopping, recreation and food integrated. As a trend leader in home appliance market, Home Appliance Plaza mainly deals with digital home appliances of famous foreign and domestic brands. New Suzhou Department Store mainly sells modern merchandises, including fashion merchandises, boutique clothes, home appliances, furniture, decorations, to meet various needs of customers, like shopping and recreation, etc.

  In recent years, the company has successfully opened three more stores with its sales revenue increasing year by year. It has won the title of National Key Retail Sales Enterprise for years and has been listed among the best key commercial enterprises in Jiangsu Province.

  In the face of new situation and new normal, Suzhou Renmin Shopping Mall would always adhere to the concept of “Virtue and Honest Management Brings in Business” and the purpose of “Serve People and Benefit Society” to build itself into a fashionable and modern classic department store and realize the dream of earning ten billion profits in one hundred years through continuous innovation, brave breakthrough, careful management and advanced development.