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Introduction to Suzhou Tower Shopping Mall

Date:2016-08-24 13:54:00Edit:Bureau of Commerce of Suzhou





  Established in 1996, Suzhou Tower Shopping Mall is located in the South Gate Commercial Zone of Suzhou, near the Ancient Canal Scenic Spot, Three Sceneries of Pan Gate, Surging Wave Pavilion, Confucian Temple and other famous scenic spots. It is a landmark of the ancient city of Suzhou. As one of the first joint-stock pilot enterprises in Suzhou, since opening, Tower Shopping Mall has been adhering to a unique guide line of combining boutique and fashion, and has created a modern management mechanism centering on fashion management. Its sales revenue has been increasing year by year, and especially in recent years, it has achieved great development after transforming the East Tower into a teen fashion base which mainly deals with teen fashion, sports and casual clothing based on boutique fashion as its position. It has become a shining pearl in the South Gate area and even the urban area of Suzhou.

  Currently, Tower has a retail business area of 48,000 square meters with more than 800 brands and 500 parking spaces. In recent years, based on the people-oriented business philosophy, Tower has been striving to provide an elegant and comfortable environment as well as high-quality and healthy goods and services for customers.

  The business management of Tower is boutique-oriented with boutique and fashion combined. As for commodity grade, the proportion of the best global brands in Tower has been increasing continuously. By the end of 2005, best global brands in Tower had accounted for 35% of the whole number of brands and the brands exclusive to it had represented 70% of the total number. As for the number of brands, Tower has been taking a leading position in Suzhou with obvious advantages in brand quality. With many first-class international brands like LV, Cartier, Bally settled in Tower, such commodities are no longer only available  in far places like  Shanghai and Hong Kong, but a few miles away.

  All sectors of the society have been speaking highly of the integrity of Tower Shopping Mall over the years. Tower has successively won many titles, such as National Top 100 Largest Retail Enterprise and National Business Credit Enterprise by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade and the National Bureau of Statistics, Civilized Unit by Jiangsu Provincial Government as well as Consumer Satisfaction Mall in After-Sales Services, Commodity Quality Trustworthy Unit, Excellent Complaint Center, Unit with No Fake or Inferior Commodities, Enterprise Observing Contracts and Keeping Promises, Reputable Retail Mall in Jiangsu Province, Excellent Collective in Long-term Management of Urban Environment, Excellent Primary Party Organization, etc.

  Nowadays, Tower is moving forward to a higher level and higher grade in a rapid pace and has become a fashion trend leader of Suzhou.

  Management concept: People Oriented

  Shopping Mall Position: Boutique Fashion and Honest Pursuit

  Tower Shopping Mall East Tower Mini Mall: No.372, Renmin Road, Gusu District, Suzhou

  Tower Shopping Mall West Tower Mall: No.383, Renmin Road, Gusu District, Suzhou