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What is the procedure for making and receiving charity donations in Suzhou?

Date:2016-03-31 15:28:00Edit:Bureau of Civil Affairs of Suzhou


  A.Donation consultation. Tel:65245559, 65242229, 65243339), we want to know the wishes of the donors;

  B. Receiving donations. Suzhou Charity Federation will register the wishes of donors in time and tell them how to make donations. (1. Remit money through a bank: Account name: Suzhou Philanthropic Foundations; Account: 325601000018170226408; Bank: the Communication Bank, Suzhou Sub-Branch ; 2. Donation through We chat: follow the We chat public account “Suzhou Charity Foundation” (szcsjjh) 3. Make donation on the spot: NO.578 Renmin Road, Suzhou);

  C. Issuing bills. We will provide invoices and donation certificates to donors;

  D. The use of donations. Special donations: The funds raised by specified projects must be used for the project; non-directional donation: we will arrange the using of donations according to the annual public assistance program.

  E. Public review regularly: We will show donations on the Suzhou Daily and some other medias regularly for public supervision.