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Can foreign older people apply for the courtesy card for senior citizens?

Date:2016-03-31 15:27:00Edit:Bureau of Civil Affairs of Suzhou


  Yes, they can. Those who have reached the age of 60 years or above with fixed housing in the city and have applied for a residence permit (temporary residence permit) for more than one year, can apply to the street(town) registration authority for the courtesy card for senior citizens, by showing their valid identity card and a residence permit (temporary residence permit) issued by the public security organs .

  The Authority of Certificate Manufacturing collects all the data by the end of every month, then completes the cards in the next month and sends them to the registration authority in time. When the registration authority has received the card, it will notify the senior citizens or their families within 3 work days. When the old people get the courtesy card for senior citizens aged 70 years old and above, the old card should be withdrawed. Within two months after receiving the application, the authority will give the card to old people. And citizens can apply for the card 2 months before they have their sixtieth and seventieth birthday.