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What food are people from 10 ethnic minorities such as the Hui nationality not allowed to eat?

Date:2016-03-31 15:26:00Edit:Bureau of Religious Affairs of Suzhou


  The food restrictions of the 10 ethnic minorities including Hui Nationality, Uygur, Kazak, Uzbek, Tajik, Tatar, Kirgiz, Sala Nationality, Dongxiang Nationality and Baoan Nationality originate in Islam. The Koran  forbids the consumption of all parts and by-products of any porcine species, blood from any animal, the meat of any animal not slaughtered according to halal practices and alcohol. Any animal that is killed prior to slaughter is not considered halal. The reason for these laws is “ to place emphasis on human spiritual purity and physical security.” The dead animal can be die from disease, caducity or poison; as for the animals’ blood, it usually has some remaining harmful substances because it was used to transport the nutrition of the animal; and the pigs are not allowed to be eaten by Muslin because they are lazy and ugly. In the old times, a polytheist must recite their idols’ name when he slaughters his livestock. In order to eliminate multiple worships, Islam prohibits animals slaughtered while reciting other idols’name and requires all the believers to pray to Allah to show the difference. In the early stage, the amount of alcohol had been limited to avoid drunkenness. Then drinking alcohol has been forbidden for the incorrect behaviors of the drunkards. Over time, these laws have gradually became the eating habits of these nationalities.