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Dongfang Yunding SPA Resort Hotel

Date:2016-03-31 16:42:00


  Covering 306.7-hectare of land and a Gross Floor Area of 25hm2, Dongfang Yunding SPA Resort Hotel is a masterpiece of China’s lake-side resorts. This 5-star SPA resort hotel has 1200+ rooms, 13.5-ha of conference halls, over 6.7hm2 private lake district, and more than 9hm2 of entertainment and health clubs, including a SPA and a member-exclusive club at the center of the lake.

  The hotel stands by the provincial tourist resort—Yangcheng Lake of Bacheng Town, Kunshan. Close to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Suzhou-Kunshan-Taicang Expressway, Suzhou Loop Expressway and G312, the transportation here is quite convenient. There is also a university town, an ecological part, Kunshan Stadium and etc. in the neighbourhood. The hotel is constructed and run under the review and advice of hotel management specialists both home and abroad. It is boasts a Las Vegas style lobby, a fountain as high as 108m for water-screen film, a 2-hetrare SPA of world-class scale, facilities and functions, an international standard banquet hall covering 2000m2 which can hold almost 1000 people and an advanced rehabilitation center.

  Location: 1098 South Hubin Lu, Bacheng Town, Kunshan

  Contact: 400-6000-676