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2-Day Family Tour in Summer

Date:2016-03-31 15:13:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou


  Transportation: coach, self-drive car

  Recommended itinerary:

  Day 1

  Morning: visit Lotus-pond Wetland Park at the northern foothill of Tiger Hill, about 16 km away from the ancient city. It is said to be the fiefdom of Huang Xie, a prime mister in of Chu State of the Spring and Autumn Period (770 B.C.-223 B.C.) when the lotus roots of Chu were already introduced to it.

  Lunch: local family dishes in Xiangcheng Ecological Park

  Afternoon: enjoy yourself with the family in MOKU Farm

  Day 2

  Morning: sightseeing on Lotus Island of Yangchenghu Peninsular Resort, a wonderful place with water on three sides.

  Lunch: local seafood dishes on Lotus Island/Meirentui Island

  Afternoon: leave Lotus Island for Huangluo Temple and then Yangcheng Lake Modern Agricultural Park

  Price: Lotus Island, free of admission (transportation: yacht ¥35 per person, ship ¥25 per person and ¥15 for return); Lotus-pond Wetland Park, ¥30 per person in high season and ¥20 in low season.