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1-Day Tour of Taihu Lake

Date:2016-03-31 15:13:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou


  Visiting Qi Garden of Taihu Lake, having fun in Muchun Park, the site of the 9th Horticulture Expo

  Recommended itinerary:

  Morning: tour around Muchun Park

  Lunch: Tiahu Kitchen

  Afternoon: take the water bus for Qiyuan Garden, retracing the same cruise of Emperor Kangxi for Dongshan. Qiyuan Garden, also known as Xi’s Private Garden, was built in memory of the family’s ancestors who had once received Emperor Kangxi. It was listed as one of the major attractions of Taihu Lake Scenic Area by the State Council in 1984 for it is uncommon to see a garden located at the foothill and meanwhile by the lake.

  Price: Muchu Park & boating (Imperial route) & Qiyuan Garden, ¥140 per person for independent tourists.