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The Humble Administrator’s Garden

Date:2016-03-31 16:31:00Edit:Bureau of Gardens and Greening Management of Suzhou




  1.Name:The Humble Administrator’s Garden


  Located at Dong Bei St. In the ancient city of Suzhou, the Humble Administrator’s Garden covers 5.2 ha. and is one of the 4 most famous gardens of China. In 1961 it was listed as cultural relics of national importance. Serving as a fine specimen of the classical gardens of Suzhou, the Humble Administrator’s Garden was inscribed the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1997.

  The eastern part of the garden is rustic and extensive, giving the appearance of being a village settlement of Jiangnan. The middle part is the cream of the garden, featuring Venetian scenes. With a winding and undulating roofed -walkway, the western part of the garden is noted for its sumptuousness.

  The Humble Administrator’s Garden boasts the wild expanse of lotus ponds. Water occupies one fifth of the total garden are. All the kiosks, terraces and pavilions were laid out by the water. More than 10 buildings were named after lotus blooms. Its annual Lotus Blooms Festival gains world-wide fame.

  3.Address: No.178, Dong Bei Street, Suzhou





  5.Ticket Price for Foreigners:

  RMB 70 in off season (January, February, March, June, November and December)

  RMB 90 in busy season (April, May, July, August, September and October)

  6.Opening hours: 7:30~17:30 (March 1 to November15 ); 7:30~17:00 ( November16 to February 29 in the next year)


  A.Buses: Passengers can take tour buses No.1, 2, 5 or buses No. 178, 202, 309, 40, 313 to the garden

  B.Light Railway: Passengers can take Line 1 to Lindun Road Station, Exit 3, then walk along the road (north )to the bus station, then take the bus to  Suzhou Museum Station(the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Lion Forest Garden). At last walk along the Dong Bei street(east) 200 meters to the garden. There are tour buses No. 2, 5(north), buses No. 112, 178, 202, 309, 50 , 518, 529, 55, 811, 923.

  8. Notice: In order to create a harmonious and beautiful scenic spot with safety and order, we work out this tourist guide according to Suzhou Regulations on the Management of Landscape and Famous Scene, Suzhou Regulations on Protection and Management of Gardens and other relevant laws and regulations.

  1. Tourists must conscientiously abide by the laws of the State and the regulations and rules of the province and the city, maintain public order and observe common courtesy.

  2. Please purchase a ticket or show your valid identification; Please get into the garden after ticket-checking in the entrance.

  3.Please protect the resources in the area. The following behaviors are forbidden: pulling down, breaking off the flowers or trees; picking the fruits; climbing or crossing the rookery and guardrails; trampling on the lawn; doodling on the trees or the bamboos.

  4. Smoking and naked flame(except for some special place or activities) are not allowed in the scenic area; Please do not take equipment like barbecue furnaces into the garden.

  5. Lethal weapon, flammable, radioactive and other hazardous items are not allowed to carry into the garden according to Regulations on Administrative Penalties for Public Security; The following behaviors are forbidden: making a lot of noise; fights; picking a quarrel and making trouble; entering of exotic vehicles;

  6.The following behaviors are forbidden: setting up stands without permission; engaging in business activities or selling wares to tourists; tour-guiding without permission.

  7.Please dress neatly and keep to the timetable of the garden; The following behaviors are forbidden: taking pets into the garden; swimming or fishing in the garden(except for some special activities)

  8.“the Annual Card for Suzhou Gardens ” is only available to the owner himself in the daytime, it is not transferable or redeemable; Those who lend the card to other people will lost the certification to buy the Annual card.

  9.Any kind of tour activities regarding films, TV programs and advertisements should be carried out under the permission.