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4A scenic spots

Sand-gathering Garden in Meili

Date:2016-03-31 16:30:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou




  Sand-gathering Garden, located at the east of central Meili town of eastern Changshu, is a scenic spot of 4A class. It earned its name for its main body is a “Sand-gathering Pagoda” originally built in the years of Shaoxing (1131-1162AD) of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279AD). Inside the garden, there are flowing waters, delicate pavilions, towering trees and gorgeous flowers, which is an ideal place for tourists to rest and entertain. There are many tourist attractions and leisure sites in it such as “listening to spring through hills”, “plane trees stepping on the moon”, “leisurely unfettered”, “breeze through ancient trees”, “shadow of sand-gathering pagoda”, “lotus fragrance over the pond”, “plum on winding path”, “intersecting prunes and plums”, “corridors of famous inscriptions”, and “exhibition hall of scenic spots and historic sites”, combining entertainment, exercise and sightseeing together. As a symbol of the whole garden, the sand-gathering pagoda is a typical of the Song Dynasty’s style. In 1993, the local government took charge of renovation and made a overall refit. Sand-gathering pagoda is the earliest built one in Changshu and its original masonry parts at the bottom are the only remaining in China, which are the highly valuable historical relics.

  Address: Meili town of Changshu

  Contact number: 0512-52262260

  Ticket price for foreigners: 10 RMB

  Opening time: 8:00-16:00

  Driving route: Suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou expressway(or riverine expressway)---Meili exit---Meili town---sand-gathering pagoda

  Bus routes: 210, 204, 205, 209 to Xintiandi Square of Meili