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Yonglian Scenic Area

Date:2016-03-31 16:28:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou




  In the Spring of 1970, thousands of migrant workers in Shazhou County were organized to cultivate 800 acres of tidal flat of the Yangtze River, which was known as “Cultivation in the 1970s”. And then Nanfeng Commune 23 Brigade composed of 808 members was established with the gradual coming of 213 peasant households from counties of Nanfeng, Luyuan, Zhaofeng, Daxin and so on. From then on, Yonglian began its era in the history. However, due to low-lying terrain and frequently occurred flood, it became the smallest village with the least population and most backward economy in southern Jiangsu Province. The reform and opening up brought new life on Yonglian once more. Guided by the spirits of “dare to break the old rules and make the new ones, strive for self-improvement, be united and dedicated, and work hard and try to be the first”, Yonglian people, breaking the restraint of “take grain as the key link”, started engaging in fish farming and other sidelines; took the risk of “cutting the tail” to run the steel plant in the case of materials shortage; explored the development of “Industry re-feeding Agriculture” to raise agricultural benefit and farmer income; insisted on common prosperity and take the initiative to help the surrounding villages. The young Yonglian, going ups and downs, wrote a developmental chapter of “make itself prosperous through industry, and make itself better through steel”. And the past poor village is now known as a “China’s first steel village” and “national civilized village”. Today’s Yonglian is on the way of scientifically coordinated and sustainable development. The whole village, with the urbanization of living, the industrialization of production, the citizenship of life, the diversification of employment, the standardization of management and the diversification of income, is realizing the transformation of the development model of agriculture, farmers and rural areas. 96% of villagers realized centralized residence, 96% of arable land achieved collective conversion, 96% of labor force got employed as well as 96% of villagers enjoyed better welfare than urban residents. 10.5 square kilometers of village with small town, rivers and lakes, gardens and plants, modern farms and civilization, constitutes a “picture of modern countryside with Chinese characteristics”.

  Address: Yonglian Village, Nanfeng Town, Zhangjiagang

  Contact: 0512-58906111 (Marketing), 58906585 (Yonglian travel agency)

  Ticket price for foreigners: 50 yuan

  Opening hours: Open all day