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4A scenic spots

Guangfu Scenic Spot

Date:2016-03-31 16:27:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou




  Profile: with a profound history of over 2500 years, beside the Taihu Lake, Guangfu town is located 28 kms away from the southwest of Suzhou’s old city, bordering the Taihu Lake District on the south, Taihu Lake on the west, and Yangtze River on the north. Guangfu has been always reputed “an earthly paradise with beautiful mountains and clear lakes”. With abundant natural resources, it is also well-known for “land of honey and milk” and “fruits all the time”. It is home to traditional handicraft and Suzhou embroidery and its exquisite carving craft is unrivalled. With densely distributed cultural sceneries and historical sites, there have formed multilevel traveling routes, displaying the profound Wu culture. As one of the National Taihu Lake Scenic Spots, the main tourist attractions include Dengwei Mountain Col, Bronze Guanyin Temple, Guangfu Tower, Situ Temple and so on.

  Address: SnowSea Traveling Agency at Guangfu, Suzhou( West of Situ Temple Parking Lot)

  Contact number: 0512-66958218/66955185

  Ticket price for foreigners: 20RMB for SnowSea, 25RMB for Situ Temple, 15RMB for Bronze Guanyin Temple

  Opening time: 8:00-16:30