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Could you make some recommendation about local dishes?

Date:2016-03-31 14:46:00Edit:Bureau of Tourism of Suzhou


  There are many signature foods and dishes in Suzhou. As for traditional dishes, you can’t miss Squirrel-shaped Mandarin Fish, Cracking Eel Paste, Stir-fried Shrimps with Biluo Tea Leaves, Stewed Pork with Brown Sauce, Taihu Lake Three Whites (white fish, white shrimp and whitebait), Yangcheng Lake Crab. Local snacks such as paste cakes of Huang Tianyuan, sweeties of Caizhi Zhai, Yaba's fried dumplings, crab-shell-like crispy pastry, begonia flower shaped cake, and other seasonal foods like Gorgon Fruit with Osmanthus, Noodles in Maple Town, Suzhou-Style Mooncake, Sweet Green Rice Ball are also worth trying.