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Soochow University

Soochow University HSK Test Center

Date:2016-04-30 10:13:00Edit:Soochow University


  Soochow University HSK Test Center (Test Center Code: 8997600)

  The new Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) was launched by Hanban (China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a foreign language) in an effort to better serve Chinese language learners. The test is the result of coordinated efforts by the experts from different disciplines including Chinese language teaching, linguistics, psychology and educational measurement. The new exam combines the advantages of the original HSK while taking into consideration the recent trends in Chinese language training by conducting surveys and making use of the latest findings in international language testing. For more information about the test, please visit

  Soochow University is among the first group of Universities that offer HSK test for international Chinese language learners. Each year the SU HSK Test Center, operated by School of Overseas Education, receives thousands of students who registered in different levels of the HSK test with professional services. For more information about the center, please visit: