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Suzhou crosstalk troupe shines in national competition

Date:2018-10-12 13:15:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily



        The first China Crosstalk and Sketch Competition was broadcast on CCTV 3 on October 2 to 9. The crosstalk performance Wo Shi Lao Si Ji (literally “I am an old driver”) of the Xihayixiaotang troupe from Huqiu Sub-district, Gusu District, was the only crosstalk show in Jiangsu province to advance to the final contest on Oct 9.

  With entries coming from all over the country, the competition was divided into two stages: the preliminary contest and the final contest, the results of which were decided by judges’ scores and viewer votes. The preliminary contest attracted a total of nearly 1,000 performances, 24 crosstalk shows and 24 sketches standing out from the pack.

  The crosstalk performance Wo Shi Lao Si Ji with the theme of urban traffic problems depicted a driver with traffic violations, such as using overdue traffic tickets, changing lanes at will and illegal towing, which vividly reflected the problems caused by the large number of private cars and the bad habits of some drivers.