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SIP enhances efforts to bolster medical device innovation

Date:2018-10-09 09:21:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Industrial Park


  SIP has been endeavoring to bolster medical device innovation these years, encouraging local medical device developers and manufacturers to continuously improve their products and services for the benefit of their product users and their own development.

  SIP is currently the home to over 1,000 biomedicine enterprises, including over 700 proprietary brands and eight with products covered by the national "Green Channel" program that is designed to facilitate registration and marketing of innovative medical devices.

  Thanks to its consistent support, the enterprises have brought out a multitude of industry-best products, such as INNOMED's super smooth guide wire for interventional treatments, and Jousing Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co Ltd's automated external defibrillator Jousing AED.


  SIP hopes to create an ecosystem for all-around support to the enterprises. On the one hand, it encourages the local enterprises to set up business and research alliances to seek mutual development relying on integrated resources.

  On the other hand, the local authority frequently organizes events like exhibitions and conferences for the enterprises to enhance their information and technology exchange with their peers. In a recent move, SIP Administrative Committee joined hands with China Strategic Medical Device Innovation Alliance and other two partners to host the Medical Device Innovation Week 2018 from Sept 8 to 9.