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2018 Festival Puccini kicks off

Date:2018-09-13 15:11:00Source:Suzhou Daily

  The launch ceremony of the 2018 Festival Puccini was held on the afternoon of September 11 at Suzhou Poly Grand Theater.

  This year marks the 160th anniversary of Giacomo Puccini’s birth. The Lucca Municipal Government, the Puccini Foundation and the Giglio Theater in Lucca (Teatro Giglio di Lucca) invite excellent partners from all over the world to jointly carry out activities in commemoration of the world-famous opera master Puccini. And the Festival Puccini held in Suzhou is the only authorized art activity in China.

  The festival is scheduled to last from October 1 to 7. It will feature a variety of activities, including a vocal master class, a chorus master class, an international vocal competition, an international chorus competition, the “Looking for Puccini” Music Journey in Italy, and appreciation activities of Puccini’s classic operas, giving a full display of Puccini’s art life and opera works.

  In addition, artists will present a concert to feature songs from famous Chinese and western operas. And a symphony concert will also be held, which will combine Chinese classical music with selections of European opera classics, offering excellent Chinese singers and art groups an opportunity to show their talents and communicate with each other.