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Excellent art works of the Second Suzhou Wenhua Prize on display

Date:2018-09-13 15:09:00Source:Suzhou Daily


  The exhibition of excellent art works of the Second Suzhou Wenhua Prize kicked off on September 11 at Suzhou Art Museum, presenting the achievements of art creation in Suzhou in recent years.

  As an important part of the Performance Season of the Second Suzhou Wenhua Prize Art Exhibition, the exhibition received 372 entries featuring a variety of art forms, including traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, watercolor and pastel. The participants range from professional painters to university professors and teachers of fine arts in primary and secondary schools.

  After two rounds of careful evaluation, 175 works have been selected for the exhibition, 10 of them winning the “Wenhua Fine Art Prize”, 15 the “Wenhua Fine Art Nomination Prize” and 5 the “Realistic Theme Creation Prize”.

  A total of 190 works are on display, including works of the judges and specially invited artists.

  Experts agree that this year’s exhibition, compared with the previous one, is significantly improved in the overall artistic level of the award-winning and selected works. The exhibited works have made great progress in such aspects as drawing skills, creation techniques, ideas and concepts, as well as the size and scale.

  The “Realistic Theme Creation Prize” is newly added this year. The realistic productions accounted for more than 80% of all the selected works, showing the positive effects of Suzhou’s efforts in promoting realism in art creation in recent years.

  The “Craftsmen of Great Powers · Builders of the Hutong Yangtze River Bridge I” by Chen Sanshi won the “Wenhua Art Prize” and the “Realistic Theme Creation Prize”. “You don’t need to travel thousands of miles to get inspiration for your art creation. People and things around us offer a never-ending supply of inspiration,” Chen told reporters on September 11.

  Chen, born in 1980, serves as associate curator of the Zhangjiagang Art Museum and vice-chairman of the Zhangjiagang Artists Association.

  The exhibition will be open to the public for free until October 7.