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“Taihu Agriculture Cup” Photography Contest launched

Date:2018-09-12 09:22:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  On the afternoon of September 10, the “Taihu Agriculture Cup” Rural Revitalization Photography Contest was launched in Suzhou Rural Revitalization School. The photo contest is co-sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Wuzhong District Committee, Wuzhong Literature and Arts Association and the Linhu Town Government.

  October 31 is the deadline for submission of entries which should be works of photography in recent three years.

  At the launch ceremony, Wuzhong District Photographers Association granted the plaque of “Wuzhong District Photographers Creation Base” to Taihu Modern Agriculture Park and the plaque of “Wuzhong District Photographers Association Linhu Branch” to Linhu Culture and Sports Center.

  After the ceremony, the photographers toured around Linhu Town to get inspiration for their works.

  The “Taihu Agriculture Cup” Rural Revitalization Photography Contest, as one of the celebrations of the first Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival in Suzhou, is soliciting photographic works themed on agricultural civilization from farmers, agricultural technicians, professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. The contest aims to showcase the achievements of Wuzhong District in constructing beautiful villages, developing modern agriculture and increasing farmers’ income, thus helping create an atmosphere of respecting and attaching importance to agriculture.