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Suzhou students win big in art performance

Date:2018-09-11 11:10:00Edit:Editor of Suzhou ChinaSource:Suzhou Daily


  The 6th Art Performance for Primary and Middle School Students in Jiangsu Province (the Performance category) has ended after 10 days of fierce competition. Suzhou won 4 first places, ranking first in the whole province.

  The event was organized by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. Highlighting the theme of “Growing up under the sunshine”, it was aimed at improving students’ aesthetic taste and humanistic qualities, promoting their all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique and art, and showcasing the fruitful achievements of art education in primary and middle schools in Jiangsu.

  This year’s competition was held in two groups, middle schools group and primary schools group, and featured performing arts like vocal music, instrumental music, dance, drama and recitation. The 15 teams from Suzhou won 6 grand prizes, 8 first prizes and 1 second prize. Among them, Suzhou High School of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou No.6 Middle School, the Poly WeDo Suzhou Youth Orchestra and the chorus of Suzhou Wuyun Teenager Art Group won the first place of the grand prizes in their respective groups.

  Art education, an important part of quality-oriented education, is an effective way of fostering students’ innovative spirit and aesthetic ability. Li Jingjuan, deputy director of Suzhou Education Bureau, noted that Suzhou is a city with deep culture and local schools have always attached great importance to art education, paying attention to its characteristics and rules, to help carry forward the national culture and regional culture.

  The excellent performances of the provincial competition will represent Jiangsu province to participate in the 6th National Art Performance for Primary and Middle School Students to be held in Suzhou in April, 2019.